[Classic] Global Chat Channels

As it stands right now the only default global chat channel is LookingForGroup, which obviously attracts a lot of boosters and in general people that want to use the channel for things outside of creating groups for Dungeons and Raids.

Blizzard took a few measures against this by announcing a change for Wrath Classic where boosting is not possible any more, and people are only able to post in LookingForGroup if they have a group listed in the LFG/LFM tool.

Players are themselves trying to create a custom global chat channel that allows things outside of the restrictive LookingForGroup, but sadly it’s prone to abuse due to how custom channels work. If the moderator permissions fall into the wrong hands people can ban players and set a password to the channel.

I would propose to just make World chat a global chat, that doesn’t have any restrictions on what is allowed to be posted (apart from anything that breaks ToS and general guidelines ofc). This would also cut down on people utilizing LookingForGroup in unintended ways.


Seems like it could be a welcome addition for some players. I never use world chat but I know some people like to. I do wonder though, would this just be the new place where people go to relentlessly spam their in-game services? On the other hand, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible in the current user-created world chat.

I’d also like to add that I don’t think players should be put into this chat by default when they make a new character, since in my experience it’s usually people just trolling each other or talking about real world politics.