Classic Fans Only, please!


I’ve been reading through the different forums and couldn’t quite find the kind I was looking for. So I’m making my own.

I thought it would be interesting to see the opinions of all the Classic fans as to where WoW went wrong and why we have the situation we have today.

I don’t want any fighting, just opinions.

My view:

  1. Progression-I’m all for it, but not with having to give up the old content.

  2. They changed the content and the difficulty of the game. Made it more focused on end game. "Hurry through the levels so you can get to max level.

  3. Sharding - If they didn’t merge or combine or connect (whatever the word is) the realms to begin with, there wouldn’t have been any need to shard.

4.Multi-realm dungeon finder-I don’t mind dungeon finder, just make it one realm only. I don’t want to group with someone only to never see them again-if they were a good player or person anyway.

5.Class individuality-Stop taking away our spells and traits that make the classes who they are. Let us keep our class quests that’s also what makes us who we are. I can remember leveling a mage back when WoW was first released and I can remember being able to make both food and water before I was level 5, now you’ve taken that away and made it so I can’t make anything till level 10 and it’s both food and drink in the same item. I know that really something small, but it was also something I miss.

There is some other things that I think went wrong, but I’m sure you guys can add too it. Please no arguing!

I’m also writing this with the hopes that maybe Classic won’t get messed up as well.

I correcting a food and water, I was able to make the water but not the food yet.


HONEST and brutal opinion about classic WoW is that they ought to allow for a sharded raid entrance where in all servers are met up in a sort of all servers allowed type of scenario. 40 man dungeons are extremely difficult to orchestrate and if you could invite a person from another realm(without the ability to give him flasks) you could potentially save a lot of headache.

also a hold over from more current expansions, a good player within a big guild shouldn’t be bound to one single raid… have boss IDs and don’t let them participate in looting should they help a second raid