Classic Era Transfer Destinations for Lost Hardcore Characters

I’m sure you already figured this out, but i thought it was interesting - the faction restriction does still exist in terms of creating a character, but i was able to transfer my Alliance HC character to Whitemane (where I have horde characters)

You know what would be helpful? Something that actually explained HOW you transfer, not just the fact that you CAN transfer.


no kidding , how do you do the free transfer, can not find anything helpful about this, edit: scrolling up and reading more posts I found one that explains it, simply go to the shop button bottom left.

When on the character screen, go to the store, go to charater services, choose transfer.

Free transfer menu is not found…

Hi i have a ticket in asking the same question but hoping this is a bit faster so i can continue playing.

I am looking at going to Remulos (Classic Era) If i take the option for a free transfer to one of the above, am i able to purchase to go to the realm of my choosing? Or do i need to reroll on that realm and start fresh.

Thanks in advance

Dear Blizzard Company! Hello everyone

I have many Blizzard products

Today, there was a bug that caused my 60L Hunter to die!

I have helped many Americans in the alliance! My death made them very sad!

Died of a bug! Could you help me save it

At that time, I was using a Gaikison transmitter to return to the city, engineering!

My ID:

60lv hunter

Name: etplanet
server: Defias Pillager
guild: Wardens of Teldrassil
presidents: Shadowclaw

ffs have been googling for half an hour now. and can’t find ANYTHING on HOW this works.

On the character select screen click the Shop button on the bottom left > Free character Transfer > Buy now (it’s no cost) > Select the character > Transfer realm > continue


thanks i had found it in the mean time. but deffinatly thanks.

Thanks, I couldn’t find it either.


I only recommend it if your toon isn’t dead.