[CLASSIC ERA] [A] New Reroll/Leveling Guild

< Aeternal > is a new reroll/leveling guild on Classic Era - Whitemane Cluster.

**We will be officially launching Sunday, June 25th @ 2:00pm CST (12:00pm PST).

About Us
We are new guild starting up on Era with the main focus of leveling and building friendships.

Our Goals
Currently, we are keeping our goals small and few. We simply want to aid everyone in getting leveled on the server, finding groups for quests, dungeons, pvp, and building friendships and connections on Classic Era.

In the future, if a proper team is fielded, we may transition into an endgame guild. While I have led various guilds in the past, I simply don’t have the time to do it on my own anymore. If you would be interested in helping lead an officer team going forward, please contact me and we will discuss further.

Basic Guidelines
Don’t be a jerk. No hate/bigotry. No trolling/ninja-looting. No religious, political, or controversial debates in public chats/voice.

Interested in Joining?
We are obviously recruiting ALL players, classes, levels, etc.

Join Our Discord: U7kf7AuTvd

Contact me on Discord @ knetik with me any questions or inquiries.

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I’ll hop on the discord tonight. Can’t wait to get this going!

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Guild is set up and ready for launch and leveling tomorrow afternoon! Join us on discord!

how is ganking in mid level areas? I havnt played on a pvp server since OG classic so just curious

If by ganking you mean high levels coming to kill then it’s occasional, but not often. If so many are willing to come respond.

If by ganking you mean same levels killing each other, it’s prevalent.

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We are growing quickly, already 50 rerolls and levelers!


I’m returning to the game after a long break and have level 20 Druid in the whitemane cluster. As well as a few friends that are returning as well.

Would you be able to repost or message me the discord link?


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Let’s do it!

see you already joined, glad to have you!

70+ players and growing!

You still around on Era?