Classic Content Plan


Yes it will be added during the appropriate patch. Which is the next expansion pack…


He is right. I remember perfectly well how that title went in those days, players were indeed playing 24/7 where their brothers, friends etc were taking over the player account to reach the title. I had a guildmate who did it and I could see the process.


I am a pvp’er. In fact i made highwarlord in classic before Bg’s and afterward. Twice actually. I would like to request that PVP gear be on par with pve gear. I paid a guild 1000 gold for me to get the TOEP trinket, because i didn’t raid, i do not plan to raid. I only pvp. I will of course take part in basic pve if i need to, and i am sure i could pay another guild to get my the loot i need.But, i shouldn’t have to. If i just want to play alterac/warsong/AB i can, and i shouldn’t be disadvantaged because i am not a carebear.



Can you tell us when STV fishing tourney will be added ?


be patient.
beat the crap out of the gnomes to see how much oil you can get off their corpses!
beat the night out of an elf in broad daylight.
rip off dwarfs beard with your bare hands before clawing your way to their brains.
gore a human the way they deserve it; in front of your fellow taurens

back then we didn’t rely on bg for honor kills for PVP or to know who was the meanest killer: we just simply killed what was in our reach or we got killed. we patiently waited for wsg ab and av to come out then we had even more fun.

you guys will have to learn patience at one point or another. thats what makes classic players superior to retailers. we are PATIENT.

(Fùry) #688

any news on spacing of phases and Pvp rewards yet?


Without putting in the honor system and the PVP rewards specifically the trinket blizzard has again trashed their own game great job you useless deplorables


Is there a time table on 1.12 or battlegroups? Just realized, maybe not so bad to roll on a lower pop server for BG pvp. World pvp doesn’t seem like it’s coming back to the TM/SS stuff, so may as well go back to bg’s.


Please release Honor system earlier if you will not give us Battlegrounds early, Sincerely the PVP player base. <3


I donno, but it seems to me you are already heading down the wrong path that led to the current problem facing retail.

In the end, this game is a RPG at heart. Its not billed as a MMOPVP, or a MMOBG. This being said, if you play it as one you are out distanced and out classed by those that log in, run a few dungeons and battlegrounds and log off until the time resets (retail). IMO, focus on the non RPG and removing the time to level ruined the game in the first place.

Ive had an account for years and played it mostly solo as a RPG. I took two years to get my first blue drop. I quested, grinded, skilled and leveled up playing RPG. Ive watched the world become a ghost town while the masses jump from spot to spot ignoring all it has to offer. Whats the point in doing all of that over again to the same exact result?

This is just me, but Id say develop more into RPG and less into get level fast trends that make 90% of the game pointless.


So damn smart. Brilliant. Balanced. Good job Blizzard.


Any news on the honor system implementation would be appreciated.


Dear Blizzard, I do hope that you plan on dropping PvP soon. That is the main thing I wanted to do when I hit 60. If not Arenas, then atleast some BGs.

See ya in azeroth!


Onw thing that killed this game was numbers! As soon as burning crusade camw out in my opinon killed this game. Please god dont be stupid like ya were back then. Numbers are out of hand now in wow. Please dont dumb it down. Take vanilla as your outline. And go from there.


Ban 'em all. Recount harmed the community spirit as much as LFD/LFR. If anyone is serious about this whole community thing, they should consider removing DPS meters, and by extension, the rest of add-ons, just to be fair.


I want my pee vee pee :musical_note:


Can we please, PLEASE get a slider option in the graphics settings to make the night times darker? The updated engine with all its cool lighting effects would make Classic so much more immersive and enjoyable for a lot of people including myself. Or please bring in the Inky Black Potion?


I this it is so ignorant to have this blue post not the most updated thing, instead there is a more updated list that mentions pvp honor and dishonor coming with dire maul somewhere buried in reddit or some other website/forum…
if only blizzard would have the information all in 1 place, or have it all copy and pasted everywhere instead of what we have


Only 2 questions.

  1. What beer does the classic dev team prefer?
  2. Where do I ship the kegs to?


Any idea when they will release phase 2 i do hope they make it at least 3 months or longer between phases. just dont want them releasing phases too early