Classic Content Plan


Stop deliberating on the pvp content and give me warsong… I don’t care about the gear just give me warsong now.


We just want the battlegrounds. Many of us pvp players also do the pve content. Based on your post you are just bad. Keep playing how you want and allow us to be annoyed when we can’t play how we want.


To make the classic community more like vanilla might be impossible for the majority. Back then many players were RPG gamers and played older mmos too. Where everything was new. But so many people have skipped and rushed and powerleveled their way through various alts over the years. Many are just unhappy people. Bitter or jaded or just too stubborn to play Wow the way it could have been. Too many have given themselves burn out because of how much they play and how they play.

While i know many also take their time to really experience the gameworld, i think promoting Wow and classic to regular computer owners, non-mmo pc gamers, and console gamers with pc. Huge untapped markets where most within have never heard about or seen Wow. Fresh recruits will help add more players that play for fun

Want to play classic like it was vanilla? Try these tips:
1- every zone you visit, run whatever dungeons there at least once
2- for every zone, run at least one BG
3- explore every nook n cranny
4- forget about XP and levels - focus on the story and experiencing it - as you progress through storylines you will gain more than enough xp and ding frequently
5- dont play more than 2 hrs before taking a small break and only play 4 hours per day MAX. By not playing as much you will miss wow and therefore be more excited to do things when you do play


Is there any plan to integrate some of the cool guild features that came into the game along the way. As a community manager I would love to see some of the guild improvements make their way into classic.

More than anything i’d love for /guildpromote or /gpromote to work. Right now it’s disabled and makes the workflow a lot longer than it needs to be.

But there were a lot of nice features in WoW Retail for guilds that helped build the community around unity and working together. I hope they find there way here.


I’m going to derail a little here, but keep the idea of content planning. I know that they’re really sticking to the original content, and that is great! However, I would really like to see some other stuff happen that I think was originally intended, but never did. For instance: Ravenholdt Manor… I love the rogue quest and ultimately feel as though class quest were always underutilized and the Ravenholdt Manor and rep has so much unused potential. Can we see any possibility in the distant future, so long as the base remains consistent, of revisiting and building on this kind of content? I don’t think I’m along in this, and while I understand it might be a while, I’d really like to think this could be something.

If I need to move this to another thread, let me know where. I’m not really one to hope on the forums, so I’m a little new to this.


Hey Guys,

I really enjoy the level of attention we are giving WoW Classic–
I think this might be a really good time to bring up the possibility of bringing Azshara Crater – (AC) the Battle Ground project that was abandoned. I for one would like to see it released. is there any place I can post this idea to maybe get some traction on it? havent really been active in the forums.

really enjoying getting back into WoW with WoW classic, its really renewed my Love for the game.



My thoughts super quick!

I loved BC and WoTLK. But the idea of classic + to me is amazing. I would love a gear progressed world vs a lvl one. Cap at 60, with gear being the way we get more powerful. Even super special quest lines that when finished could even be a max of 5 more talents point… shrug just tossing around stuff… but yes im all for a classic+


i do like new stuff my self but the point of classic was going back from all of heghogs horrible choices for the game and playing it how blizzard(pre activison and the elitist jurk) made it. though i hated vanilla, i miss making friends and not just mindlessly queuing. though not nearly enough to smash my face against the wall that was vanilla and might resemble classic.


but they cleared MC in quest greens anyways, what does it matter?


Private server people who have mastered the raids after years of attempts does not equate to the average players.

Dire Maul gear would trivialize it for everyone, not just the 1%.


Please let us know WHICH PVP system will be implemented, as in Vanilla there was the ranked system, then later the system where honor was earned like money each day or week or whatever it was. The ranking system is what vanilla PVP is, the currency version introduced late in vanilla killed PVP, my entire PVP guild fell apart with the introduction of this system. Please please please go with the true vanilla PVP system of having to earn honor to gain ranks, and can only buy gear with certain ranks. This is most of WHY I am playing classic.


Raid gear will be superior to PVP gear by the time it launches, and 45000 people on a server with how the pvp system works is going to be laughable.


this is just the 99% bullying the 1% all over again


Just like to say, loving Classic…the game is amazing and it’s great to play it again after all these years. I don’t play the most recent version of the game, stopped around WotLK…as the game just turned in to something that didn’t appeal to me.

Great job Blizz!!

That said, I would actually like to see some future content added to the Classic game. These are things like:

  1. improved auction house UI similar to live
  2. improved in game mailing system
  3. improved tracking on the map e.g. added lower quest givers I found to be particularly useful, I liked that…just wasn’t a fan of all the blue spots for where to go to quest, that you can keep gone
  4. enhanced spell and skill journal, similar to live. You guys made that look great, bringing that to classic wouldn’t hurt
  5. instance maps…what RPG out there doesn’t have maps of the dungeon you’re in?
  6. key chain - this was great and will be useful for later (I love the idea of keys and that we have them…I just don’t want 10 of them in my bank and don’t see why that should be a thing)
  7. Reagents bank slot, that actually worked well for the hoarders amongst the Horde - and for alts you want to pimp out with the mats

Other than that, I think the game is great…quality of life things, don’t be scared to introduce them…you just need to think beforehand and ask what it might impact. I don’t believe any of the above would cause harm, nor start going down a slippery slope if you were to add them.

Thanks all, loving the game!


Just install the mods that make this a thing via the Twitch app and leave Classic WoW alone. As far as the extra slots no… just no. #NOCHANGES


don’t think you should have instance maps or reagent bank slots/key chains frankly. the idea of per-character bank space is trivialised if you can just carry/hoard everything. dungeons are supposed to be unknown, off the beaten track, etc

quality of life changes are what turned retail into what it was, going anywhere near that is just asking to replay the entire game again from release to bfa


The REAL equivalent would be : Taking your kids into a basement, chaining them and making them practice putting until they are adults. That’s rank 14.


There’s a thread on the EU forums talking about Phase 2 timing. I know we’ll likely hear about this at Blizzcon, but in the meantime, here to advocate no earlier than January for Phase 2 to launch. Phase 2 basically is the 1.3-1.4 patch phase - 1.4 launched in April 05, about 5-6 months post-launch. IMO, a January launch not only keeps the same relative timeline, but also allows more of the player-base to get to appropriate levels to participate in that content. Yes, guilds (mine included) have started raiding. Not everyone has been as hardcore as to get to cap yet, though - I’d bet the vast 85+% of people aren’t 60 yet. Over the next few months, there will be more time to get to cap and prepare for world bosses, DM grinding, etc. I’m sure we’ll know more about the plan at the Con, like I said, but I’m hoping Blizz sees this and doesn’t try to rush based on the fact that lots of visible guilds are raiding and steamrolling content. We’re not in a rush. We know it’s going to take forever to gear up. Just as you didn’t release the OG epic mounts, for fear of making people feel a need to rush to cap, don’t rush on Phase 2, which for many would do the same. Instead, work on the pop issues/stability, etc., so that when it’s time for Phase 2 to drop, we’re in a solid place, and more of a majority of the player base is ready.


100% what they are doing. When subs decline you will get phase 2.

(Galdor) #722

There is absolutely no chance that phase 2 will be held back until January. Ion already said that phase 2 will come a “couple months” after launch.