Classic Content Plan

Looking good. Nice job, Blizzard.

Amazing news. Thank you blizz. Now, PLEASE remove loot trading.


Nope. No dungeon finder that automagically puts you with a tank, a healer and 3 DPS and teleports you inside a dungeon. Pretty sure you’ll be able to use the innkeeper group finder but that one doesn’t work the same way.

ooh the innkeeper, just groups 5 people up… without taking there rolls into account.

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This is what happens when the dev team goes the extra mile. They earned this praise.

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I saw this and got to wondering, so I did some really mediocre comparisons. Not that this has much to do with regulars, mind you.
Kalvax made this thread about 24 hours ago and it is currently at 37600 views.
Kalvax also made this thread, Classic Update - March 1, eleven days ago. It is currently at 60500 views.

On GD, there are two posts covering recent, hot topic events:
Rearranging and Removing Portals is six days old and currently at 30800 views.
Stop removing portals is eleven days old and currently at 67900 views.

Can’t really make any conclusions without knowing how views are counted and having a better sample size, but it looks like Classic is doing pretty great.


I’m not sure about the numbers, but I think the Classic crowd is definitely a lot more passionate. While I haven’t played retail in quite some time now, it seems to me that the remaining customer base is basically people either happy with or resigned to the current state of the game and, as a result, there’s not much to get overjoyed or angry about (taking note of the portals discussion as an exception rather than a rule)

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This is great! Much closer to the Vanilla patches.

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Thanks for actually listening to the community Blizzard! This is exactly how it should be. Well done.

Next thing I would like to see is some information on servers and structure. How many servers? Realm Population? When the launch is close maybe a server list with server type and timezones.


I will never pay 15/month for wow, unless its for legacy servers. One day i hope to see TBC and WoTLK, god that would be glorious. I just hope they dont dumb it down for convenience, and weather, if the intensity is touched, no sale.

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Release now pls so we can actually play a real wow not this thought of idea in one night that wows in now.

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Does this mean that Silithus will launch without Cenarian Hold and the 1.8 terrain updates?

Private server players mad they can exploit gear for Mc, like they can on their servers.

Literally cant wait. I was 14 when Vanilla came out and cant believe ill be able to relive those days once again. Thanks Blizzard.

Blizzard should count the total of all the hoarded items on each server and add that to the amount required for the turn in quests. Boom problem solved.

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I have zero interest in replaying the disasterous release cycle of the original WoW. Stop listening to tryhards on the forum and consider your greater audience; release content in the actual progression which took place during the 1.12.1 client.

Dungeon & Rare PVP & ZG/AQ20 -> MC -> BWL & Epic PVP -> AQ40 -> Naxx

Yeah, that authentic Vanilla experience where people start off raiding doing ZG and AQ20.


They’ve been doing that for years and the result is BFA.

The Classic community has zero interest in special snowflakes that want changes.




Correct me if I’m wrong, but a lot of pvp and ZG gear is better then some of the things you can find in MC. So releasing in that order completely makes MC trivial.