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It isn’t devil’s advocacy.

There is a difference between pointing out what is likely to happen 95% of the time based on player behavior and just saying something won’t work. One of my major points in all threads like this is that the only solution that will work is one that takes the option away from players given them no choice. Because the majority of the time, the general player base will choose ease of access to dungeons, guilds, raids, arena teams, etc over everything else.

but like I just said if you truly want the small tight-knit realm. You are going to have to put in work to get like-minded people in that realm. If not you then someone else that actually wants that and is willing to do something about it themselves. Don’t worry about the rest of the player base that doesn’t share your desire.

This post might be worth a bump. Anyone have any incentives ideas?

A tenacity style buff was proposed, but I’m not entirely behind this. People still want fair fights in 1v1 situations, or even when overcoming 1v2.
Maybe the tenacity buff only applies when proximal to world pvp hubs like halaa or zone towers.

I still think solving the PVP balance issue requires PVE solutions though. From my experience it is PVE issues that are currently driving the imbalances far more than world pvp or ganking, etc. Raiding guilds which have many PVP inclined members (who hate transferring) are still making collective decisions to move servers based on PVE oriented reasons (recruiting, LFG, etc). Even summoning stones and raid entrance ganking is about PVE convenience more than about wpvp.

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