Classic Class Choices Competition!

Ick, Alliance. Lol

To roll Paladin is to try, to roll Shaman is to do.


Priest, because I’ve never healed as a primary role in any game and want as fresh a start as possible.

This was the 1st class I made at launch and stopped at 40. Have forever regretted that decision. Plan of fixing that this time around.

Shaman main on Horde and Hunter main on Alliance. Mage alt on both.

Uhh … Dad?

  1. Hunter (Main)

I really like the class fantasy and high skill ceiling. I quit the game at Cata but picked up Legion. Maining hunter and just barely losing server first +15 mythic was exhilarating. I find it funny that I would want to play hunter again as my main. My main complaint to my friends during my Mythic + grinding was intense stress at aiming barrage perfectly over and over again. The constant hunter changes from end of WoD through Legion drove me to eventually hate the class though.

  1. Druid (Alt)

Just not enough representation. I’ve played all the others to 40+ but not Druid or Shaman. Might as well try it.

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Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends.

  1. Tauren Feral Druid
  2. Tauren Warrior
  3. Undead Rogue or Warlock…not 100% sure yet.
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This is fascinating. I would not have expected Shaman and Paladin to be the most popular on their respective sides, assuming an even split of Alliance/Horde for each of the non-locked classes

  1. Shaman because of totems.
  2. Druids because of shapeshifting.
  3. Warlocks because the succubus likes whips.

Don’t listen to him Kaivax! As the righteous Paladins we must defend this world against the threats that besiege it. Through the light we find our purpose. Through the light we find our way. Through the light all will be saved.

Lock /rogue or rogue /lock… I change my mind basically every 30 seconds.

I’ll also have an enhance /ele alt that I will convince myself I have time for, but rarely if ever actually get to play.

I have always played a Resto druid - so I will be Resto druid and might want a hunter for farming.

BM hunter to level, then 31 MM at max for my main
31 Fury/Prot warrior for 5 mans and off tanking
Resto/Balance druid

Druid or Mage undecided. My first was the mage, but I never raided on it. I raided the majority of Vanilla raiding on my Druid.

Rogue because no mana and no buffs for other players which is so annoying in vanilla wow for me and I’ve never really big a huge fan of old school Warrior.

I am also considering maybe Druid/Shaman to heal (really depends on what macro and addon support they allow, if there are no mouseover macros I will never be a healer)

Also maybe Spriest/Hunter for PVP.

Who knows.

Female undead warrior or an alliance warrior…either way WARRIOR!!!

Paladin buff confirmed?


I will also have a side shaman that I want to play but never touch.