Classic characters permanently deleted?

I decided to resubscribe to WoW and start playing again when I discovered that my 2019 classic character was permanently moved to WOTLK classic and all of my stuff has been deleted from classic era servers. After a google search I realized that there was a short window of time to save your character (I was inactive during this time)

Now i’m on classic era leveling up even though I already have a classic level 60 warrior that got taken from me. If I contact support will they restore my character, or do I just have to start fresh again? This is extremely weird for blizzard to be randomly removing characters from peoples accounts

I also had several mid level alts that i’ve spent hundreds of hours on. The whole thing is just crazy.


don’t waste your time with support, they won’t help you. start fresh is the only option.


Your character is still on the same server you created it on.


how is this possible?


600 days is a short amount of time?


Yea it’s pretty crazy they gotta bring the clones back


Is 14 months a short window?

You seem to be under the misapprehension that they were moved from Era realms into Wrath realms, nothing is further from the truth.

The Era realms were new and the Realms your characters were on were progressed to TBC then to Wrath, so you see why if you didn’t choose they ended up on the Wrath realms as a natural progression, just like back in 2007-2009.

But now the Era realms are popular you want to go back to them with your old characters and now you know why you can’t. Your only choice is to start again or play on wrath, well maybe you could stop playing as well.


It’s a shame the window was so short or had any time limit on it but the customers just need to voice their desires :expressionless:


Over a year lmao. Blink and you missed it :joy: Y’all are getting silly at this point

@OP How can you be upset that your characters on the exact same server you left them? Like you literally have no idea what you’re even posting about lmao. Hopefully they bring clones back bc I can’t keep spending my mornings schadenfreuding over these posts lmao


Just gotta keep asking, shame those who aren’t glued to WoW missed out but hopefully blizzard helps those poor souls out :expressionless:


It was not short . Just people were excited for TBC . Everybody told me that I make mistake by paying for the clone for my characters.(There was a huge cry that 15$ its foo much ) At the beginning I thought they were right , because my realm Grobbulus was really dead with 17 ppl online at high point. But things changed, free transfer was possible and I found Realms wich are populated .
Maybe they will bring up back the clone services …

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I felt that the clones were odd, but the progression through expansions is similar to how it happened originally.

I feel that it would have been nice to keep characters on the Classic Era realms where they started, and not offer any clones, but rather if people wanted to move on, they could “upgrade” the character to whatever the next expansion is.

Of course that’s not how things happened. Anyway, welcome back!

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Got to keep asking in the forums until we hear back from Blizz.

Don’t start fresh, another guy did and got screwed.


oh he did, did he? :expressionless:


If Metzen tells us no clones I’ll accept that :expressionless:

Indeed he did, the fact that you 3 are telling people to re-level in ERA is basically telling people to waste their time.


Classic TBC and Classic SOM are gone. But SOM you can still copy over. TBC got deleted. Regular Classic toons still exist.

Even when Clones was first announced, the first thing out of their mouth was it wasn’t going to be “forever”.

Like you, I lost a character I really should’ve cloned. Alas, silly me took a break, and in that time, they removed the service (sigh)

That being said, who wants to help me run Uldaman, so I can get my Enchanter back? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You are playing a game it’s a time waster no matter how you look at it. If people don’t want to relevel then just sit around doing nothing crying about a no longer available clone. If they do want to play Era now then roll a toon and level.


It’s a waste of time repeating everything you’ve already done. Wait for fresh to re-level, ask for clones in the meantime.