Classic Character transfer


I’m trying to switch to a new server because my server is full but it only gives me one server option. What’s up?


the server transfers are pre determined. If your current server is full, you can only move to the designated server they have made available.

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Most likely because that is the only option. Currently, the transfers can only go to a server that Blizzard has chosen to help the population control/balances.

If they release paid transfers - then you’d see more choices.


All this is covered in the sticky in Classic General


Just wanted to pop in and confirm what Kitsunè said. The Free Character Migrations that are currently available are a form of population control - with the purpose of diverting those from high population realms to specific low population realms as necessary.

The current* migrations being offered can be found here:

*These options can be changed or discontinued at any time. If you find this thread in the future, and see a different realm selection available or that character migrations are not available at all, that is why.