Classic Beta

So downloaded Classic Beta.

When I log in I get the error "No Realms are currently available. (WOW51900309). Anyone else have this issue.

I tried to post in the Classic Beta forum but cannot post or reply to post in there???

Any advice is appreciated.


Sounds like you was invited to the stress test not the full beta.

the same thing happens to me, the weird thing is that it only says classic beta no stress test

mine says "Beta & Stress Test: Classic WOW’???

As Thundertotem mentioned, the invite was only for the stress test. With that you’ll also be able to see the regular beta realms but will disconnect if you try joining the. As the stress test currently isn’t active you shouldn’t have access to either right now.

I’m having the same issue what should I do to fix?

There’s nothing to fix. The stress test server is down til tomorrow ( I think).

Next one’s on the 29th of May. This article goes over all other currently planned stress tests.