[Classic][A][PvP] Ultra Fast Progression Guild Recruiting Top Players for Raids/PvP

Our fast progression guild (name reveal at launch, but nothing silly) is recruiting hardcore players. Our first raid on MC/Onyxia will be Monday (same week as launch), just before the reset. Members will have 6 days to hit level 60 and get attuned. We are a guild that focuses on both raiding and PvP. Highly organized, prepared, and unique. Hard working players will find this guild very rewarding and slow/casual players will feel outworked at raid time.

Some unique things about our guild that you might enjoy:

  • Organized Leveling with skilled players (get buffs, profession aids, discord and more) as you level
  • Don’t overpay for items. Win items for 1 point higher than the second highest bid
  • Special Items; be first in line for 1 Classic WoW Item that you really want
  • Earn points for items in raid AND through preparation via our Guild Marketplace
  • Alt friendly guild (after farm-status is achieved)
  • Organized World PvP and Battlegrounds with people who take it seriously
  • PvP Tournaments with in-game and Cash Rewards
  • Custom Online Guild System designed just for our guild to provide modern automation for all of our unique features

Alliance Faction. PvP Server. Raid times will be determined closer to launch based on guild availability, but it will be evenings on weekdays.

Why Classic?

  • Earn your gear and keep it. Not have it devalued after an expansion drop every 2 years.
  • Experience WoW before Blizzard decided to cater to casual players
  • Classic will likely have more players than the regular game.
  • World PvP is alive again

To apply or read more visit our pre-launch website at MeetTheGuild dot com