Class Tuning Incoming – July 25


I would love a buff, but we got an S-tier rework which was nerfed down to B-tier for raid and B-tier for M+.

That holds up in the latest WCL for M+ where we are 7th rank in the upper third.

However, the latest WCL for Raid suggests we’ve fallen to C-tier as we’re 15th rank, which is still at least “middle of the pack” but feels bad after being on top for a few short weeks and not an entire raid tier.

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be sure to nerf subtlety, unholy, and prob something else idk in pvp next time ty

I’m interested to see how this changes things.

Ya’ll made a 4th role though, I don’t think Aug is going anywhere unless you make it unplayable/do tank damage.

You have work to do on your 4th role, it needs 3-4 friends added to it.


Eventually blizz will forgot how many times they gave blood DK aura buffs and then they’ll make 1 actual good change to our class and instantly back to SL season 3/4


I’ve said it for 2 decades almost, enough mage tears and nowadays twitter posts and they won’t stay anything under S/A tier for more than a half a ssn.

Must be nice to play a class that has such a vocal presence on social med.


That’s just your personal experience, the logs tell another story. ST damage is not fine, you have to get lucky with trinkets to compete with other classes, for example if my beacon doesn’t crit on every use I lose 5k DPS give or take depending on the fight, can be more, can be less, same with anvil, is it gonna do 8k DPS this pull or 4k, it’s garbage.

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Idk about M+, but i’m speaking for raiding.
Your 15th claim is for all percentiles and for the last 2 weeks.

More accurate is latest week and for the 95% percentile, that shows the potential of the spec.

Ret is 6th from the bottom.

Ok… Like I get it Shadow is a meta class right now, but the constant nerfs to their aoe is starting to get a little silly. They’re meta for Mass/Offhealing/Solid dps profile. Which is a problem created by Blizz’s current M+ design which forces us to pick up heavier offhealing specs or classes that are just more durable in order to survive the content. To get back on track though, it’s nice that they’re receiving some ST buffs, but you’ve gutted Psychic Link to almost nothing now. Even with these aoe nerfs and st buffs, it doesn’t address the fact that class is necessary due to YOUR design this season, which has been one of the most toxic metas I’ve seen. Taking away their damage profile just puts them into a dumpster rather then just adjusting dungeons for the issues that made them necessary just feels bad and feels like you won’t admit that this tier is your design and your fault frankly.

First you hit the offhealing which was a problem created by YOUR design. Then you start taking out Meta classes because you released a brand new “Support” Class midway through a tier and the rest of us are rewarded with a harder time pushing because we have to figure out how to push without the tools that others used. I’m not arguing the nerf, but how you have approached this season just feels bleh in comparison. I’d rather see some buffs to classes that need it: Much like WW or addressing reason we need shadow (Magic debuffs that are overtuned and can be massed) rather then watch classes constantly get gutted if they get too far. I feel like this is just a knee jerk fix rather then examining the core issue that has created this current meta.

I’m not touching aug, the fact that you can be braindead and get instant invites feels toxic at the top end in the pugging keys arena. That class is going to get tuning and that is completely fair.


These :clown_face: 's don’t know how to balance.

Guardian druids are sustaining 100k dps in dungeons but hey, let’s nerf Brewmaster’s dps!


Insert the surprised pikachu meme for the wow team, on the realization that a spec created to buff is doing well with their buffs. Rejoice, we are seeing the born of another pure dps spec.


Great. Blood DK definitely needs it. :+1::+1:


Yet the intention was to make a buffing spec purely as a support class. Now you want us to just be another pure DPS spec?

I guess it was different and nice while it lasted.


RIP “Game”, Hello Spreadsheet.

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Did you guys literally outsource the hunter dev position? What even is this garbage? How about increasing the 5 target cap for MM? Or maybe buffing things for BM that are actually worth buffing? Kill Shot? You guys serious with this?


Is the purpose to shift damage from their aoe profile to their single target profile? Because… This seems like a super goofy change. 25->20 would’ve been much more realistic - especially if you’re not making Shadow Crash less sucky.

Rogues ignored again despite zero M+ or raid viability…
Dev not given anything to make up for Mastery dropping their dps a ridiculous amount.
Guardian Druid given a slap on the wrist, will still easily be the S+++++ tank
Prot Pal damage buffed, but WOG mana cost not reverted is just silly.
No more continued nerfs to mage despite them still being head/shoulders above…
No nerf to Unholy DK, despite being king by a long shot.

Aug PvP changes ensure they’ll never be viable in PvP. Let alone RSS/2’s.

Feels like the Diablo 4 “NERF IT ALL!” patch team got “reallocated” to WoW.


All the salty SP tears sustain my life force


Buff Fury/Arms warriors. Please?




You’re fine anyway, the tuning aug got effectively kills it anyway.