Class Tuning Incoming – January 24

Given the state of the game, it’s absolutely mind blowing that you continue to nerf healers and tanks. Wake the hell up.


Wonder if the Annihilator build will be viable again since it mostly Annihilator and Bloodthirst damage.

And prof warrior needs more nerf! iP need more nerf!

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Absolutely retarded

Lmfao yes let me sit there for 2.5 seconds in pvp to cast that

Players: hpal has horrible mana issues please fix
Blizz: ok lets remove your mana efficient heal (judgment) and move all of your healing into a 11k mana per cast spell that only has its mana cost reduced if you spend 8k mana on another spell hoping it crits xdxdxd

Jesus christ


The Resto nerfs don’t look particularly bad to me, the Swarm one is the more impactful of the two and it should still only be a small-ish % of our healing. But I haven’t done very high keys so I will defer to more experienced Druids.

I really love that you’ve been told by every MM hunter player that the double tap removal is horrendous and it’s replacement is a joke and yet you’re doubling down on it and saying absolutely nothing. I especially love that you’re not going to compensate the removal with anything either. Keep it up with the continued pattern of ignoring feedback. It definitely worked out well for you in BFA and Shadowlands.


Can we delete Fury as it’s in its death throes and make a range Javelin thrower or something? Fury is so sad right now.

so rather than buffing the tanks that need it you nerf warriors

big brain blizzard not using brain cells


its quite sad.
do they even go outside and look up?
i know a blue would be too lazy to reply. or scared.
I say scared.


I love how people think of themselves knowing what is better for the game when they themselves don’t have any official data to back up their claims.


Liking the Rsham and PvP changes. Might finally have to unshelve it.


I don’t play prot warrior or tank but good grief just make the other tanks better. Pretty sure we want more tanks, not people quitting because you’re making HP bars pinging up and down out of control.


dont you think the only reason youre getting this humongous buff is exactly because your tier is bad?

you just want it all dont you :wink:

Its actually a big brain move. Not sure if you realize Tanks are currently one man armies.

Not sure if i ever recall them being so strong.


thanks so much for making lots of balance changes


These changes do so little to correct the tank imbalances that they’re borderline offensive.

The entire class dev team needs to be sacked.


Well, they nerfed the Rdruid’s damage and healing. So they will do the same for the Prevoker, right?
I am very happy about the buffs and nerfs to various classes. But there is still a need to fix the exorbitant performance of the Prevoker for Raid and M+ (considering that Lust is still a must-have to this day).

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I blame the Arena World Championships and Blizzard thinking anyone cares about them.



  • Restoration
    • Healing Wave healing increased by 6%.
    • Acid Rain damage increased by 120%.
    • Flame Shock damage increased by 20% (Restoration only).
    • Lava Burst damage increased by 20% (Restoration only).
    • Master of the Elements increases the effectiveness of the Shaman’s next Nature, Physical, or Frost spell by 20% (was 10%).

What in the world is this? Shaman is the worst healer in the game. Not sure why you’re prioritizing buffing the damage output when Restoration Shaman’s biggest problem is its lack of a personal defensive to put on someone and low healing output.

They don’t hold up to any of the other healers at all and its strange that these are the buffs decided on.

The Spec Tree for Restoration Shaman needs a bit of an update and removing the talents that will never be used as they are just bad.

Replace These Talents

  • Ever-Rising Tide
  • Nature’s Focus
  • Flow of the Tides

Update or rework these Talents

  • Downpour (Remove the increased cooldown for good usage)
  • Earth Living Weapon (Combine into 1 talent option worth 2 points Max)

Add in some new options

  • Make a Talent (Restoration only) allowing you to put Astral Shift onto an ally
  • Water Elemental to actually make use of another Element based around the spec and class for healing only. (No reason not to have one especially with Water being Restorations Healing identity)
  • Primal Elementalist for Water Elemental with some sort of healing ability
  • Fire/Storm Elemental potentially (Since you are trying to buff the damage of Restoration Shaman)
  • Earthquake attached to Earth Elemental Talent option
  • Chain Harvest brought back as a talent choice

Spec Updates

  • Buff healing output of all heals by 15-20%
  • Increase the duration and radius of Healing Rain
  • Fix Restoration Shaman’s Tier Set Bonus (2/4 set are both underwhelming and lacking in comparison to other healers)
  • Cloudburst Totem buff
  • Healing Tide Totem needs a massive buff for raid especially
  • Spec tree needs some touching up and the Spec overall really needs updating and reworked. It has fallen off really badly and lacks so much in comparison to other healers in healing output (Which should be the first priority over damage).

I love Restoration Shaman and would have been maining it again but due to where its extremely lacking I can’t. So in order to be able to provide something to my raid team and be able to actually heal I had to swap. Evoker isn’t bad at all and I love playing it. But, it comes at the cost of having to drop my main because it is in such a bad state.


They’re already redesigning/nerfing a bunch of Prevoker skills. Its just not in these notes.

Prevoker damage is far from.being busted lol.

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I just love how each and everyone of you think you know better than the developers themselves do when in fact you don’t know the whole story.

And to say things like buffing tank when they are overpowered and surviving most encounter and not dying.