Class Tuning in Progress -- Dec. 15

Blood is tank spec right? Why they need so much damage just to make them unkillable on pvp?

So disappointing, melee dps is in a really bad situation for majority of boss fights. I know it’s to late to change the design, but doesn’t even have a good dps even just in number.

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PLEASE!!! BM Hunters neeeeed some love. Groups won’t let me in if I’m BM because you know, everyone is a world 1st raid and everyone is an MDI team.

Def Leppard has some bad news for you.

With Blizzard putting a much larger global arena tournament grand prize value this makes me excited to see pvp tuning.

We’ve made a few further adjustments to the plan for tuning coming with scheduled weekly maintenance.


  • Balance
    • Starfall damage reduced 6%.
    • Balance of all Things [Legendary] now causes Eclipse to increase your critical strike chance with Arcane or Nature spells by 40%, decreasing by 8% every 1 second (was 50% crit, decreasing by 10% per second).


  • Marksmanship
    • Aimed Shot damage reduced by 5%.
    • Arcane Shot damage reduced by 5%.

Death Knight

  • Unholy
    • Mastery: Dreadblade effectiveness reduced by 20%.

It’s 20% now, eh? I guess UH got an extra 5% to the nerf for good behavior.


20% !?!?!?!!?!?! now i can just delete my unholy dk

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??? WHAT?


sweats in shadow priest


You don’t have to do that. Just switch to Frost and be utterly useless outside of CDs.


Nerf Bat incoming

yeah sure 20% is livable but when are u guys going to buff the specs that are massively under performing.

preferably in a meaningful way



A number that large just shows how pathetic your testing was. Figure it out you small indie company


you are just making uh dk useless again… its like 8-10% damage nerf. i’m so tilted

Some of us tried to warn them their mastery was over tuned because most of their damage came from pets

Tragic stuff that they nerfed the shadow damage portion and not just the pet portion

At this point it’s about time they did something about the damage distribution of unholy so it’s not just a gimmick spell and ghouls chunking into the unholy dk damage budget

I can respect the MM nerfs. But can you consider some changes to the BM legendaries? The tar trap/flare one isnt really all that fun.


15% was like 5. It’s not 8-10%.

We’re also outperforming most classes by more than that.


I agree that adjustments were needed. But 20% is a crazy number. Makes you wonder how lost they were in testing

Its going to be around 7-8%. Thats a hefty nerf no matter how you try to spin it

Was genuinely expecting more warlock changes.