Class Tuning in Progress -- April 19

How about BM hunters? Most of us hunters Don’t really care about SV since it is melee and we rolled a range class to be honest…


I can’t believe the first time destro is remotely good in 2years and survival in 6years blizzard tries to nerf it within 3months of it being out.

really wish they wouldnt get my hopes up, by making destro remotely playable for only a couple of weeks


So we can mass produce it.

This strength gain is only an issue when combined with the Jailer weapon. It’s not like BDK’s without this weapon are smoking the meter.

And are you really suggesting BDK self healing is a problem?

Arms Warrior sustained AoE staying untouched?

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Need more changes tbh

Are you out there doing a lot of pulls bigger than 8 mobs?

This is a nerf that only really effects the top end of M+ and maybe one pull in DOS for most people.

Destro is still going to be one of if the strongest spec in raid, and still very powerful for M+ after this change.

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the healing part is definitely not fun for a healer imo specially in keys ( they feel their importance in the grp is lessen I think), but in my mind its not so big of an issue given that tanking by self-healing is their thing. Now is they become self-sufficiently immortal in all scenarios and no other thank is able to stay alive in those scenarios then its nan issue.

the 75% strenght with tons of uptime seems to be a big issue however i think ( from comparing sims from highly geared players of all tank specs) that their aoe is in line with other tanks.

Now their single target is bonkers, they are doing at high lvls of gear around 4k more than other tanks ( all other tanks are relatively similar). The cherry on top of their silliness in single target is that they are doing more boss damage in dungeons that some dps specs

Survival is in a great enough spot to be in the “meta” since the revamp in Legion, and instead of nerfing the 4 set which is making them stupidly overpowered, you decided to nerf the legendary that has caused no issues this entire expansion, nor the Azerite power version of this back in BFA :frowning:

Also, please again take a look at the 4 set for havoc DH. Tuning was supposed to happen in the 9.2 PTR when the tier was changed, and it never came.


Are Arms Warriors being looked at or on the table?

The silence is deafening for a class with shouts.


Yeah dont do anything to address destro issues on single target just nerf them so they become irrelevant again…seriously Blizzard is anyone there paying attention at all?


So because a class is high damage in mythic + you nerf it?.. i hope to see this same type of strategy every few weeks when new classes become top damage in mythics. Cant wait to see next weeks nerf on shaman / rogue / DK. Just following the same “strategy” here.

druid buffs where???

Survival Hunter and Destro Lock mains after seeing these extremely tiny nerfs that only affect about ~40 people on the whole planet while still doing by far the highest AoE in the entire game in most pulls at the 6-8 target count and still being insane beyond 8 targets:


The jailer weapon is super strong, but its the cherry on top. they sill smoking the meter in single target when compared to other tank specializations.

take this high geaar dk for example. he is simming for 11k single target for 3 minutes , compared to around 8k for other tanks with the same conditions ( all buffs) ( if you run it wo the buffs numbers are obviously smaller but the relative power to other tanks is the same). as you can see , wo the jailer weapon he is smoking the charts compared to other tanks ( i do not report other tanks , you can go to and pick a high gear tank of each spec for yourself and sim it).

Now the jailer weapon is HUGE, like 1k (7.8%) dps increase. but only is a enormous cherry in top. as in wo it , they are definitely not in line, which was your argument.

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I don’t get these nerfs… Destro was only out of line at the 99% percentile

Survival was in line with everybody else. This is over compensating for a few players.

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hahah damn that was quick

The only boss this has any effect on is Mythic Lihuvim because of double Degeneration Automas exceeding the 8-target soft cap and both Destro and Survival still obliterate those adds, soft-capped or otherwise.

Otherwise, these nerfs do literally nothing for these two specs’ performance in raid and they’ll still be as good as they always were. Prototype Pantheon is still 2 and 4-target burst cleave, Xy’mox is still ~5-6 target cleave, Anduin adds still get nuked from orbit with extreme ease and Destro still turns those adds into massive damage on the Remnant himself, Survival still takes Lords of Dread to the slaughterhouse because it’s a mostly 2-target cleave fight, etc.

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But even in M+ it still doesn’t make sense

They just aren’t out of line except for that one data point. It’s a 99th percentile issue which to me is a non-issue. The mean player wasn’t broken.

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If you set the chart to aggregate by DPS amounts then it directly correlates to actual logs and not just leaderboards. In doing so, you’ll find that the variance doesn’t change much at all.

I think I saw the tweet where a lot of the backlash against these two specs is coming from and the provided graph gives no timebox context whatsoever, nor does the poster provide where it originated from. Do you know more on what actual data is being used for what’s making the rounds? To me it looked like straight manipulation given the absence of source or full context.

EDIT: The tweet I mentioned: