Class Tuning in Progress -- April 19

Good change :+1:

lol they didnt realize they nerfed frost mage too much i guess.

oh well.

time to accept it or reroll or quit :wink:

should be extra cautious with nerfs when the game isnt doing exactly great population wise. give a cookie to those who stayed - dont kick em in the mouth lol

This. The nerf applied to Hunter and Locks are exactly what Frost Mages were actually asking for in numerous threads on the PTR forum , so it didn’t affect every single player’s experience negatively in all forms of the game, not just big MDI pulls. Still went ahead…

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Are you going to balance warlock in PvP or just PvE?

man I’m just happy wfc got nerfed and not survival itself
can’t say the same for def stance for warriors though…
it’s a deserved nerf with how many bombs survival gets w/ 2pc+ though

After further investigation, we’re revisiting our adjustment to Destruction Warlock and lowering Inferno’s target threshold to 5. We’re finding that this synergy is still overperforming at 8 targets due to the resource generation and by adjusting this we avoid having to make changes that could affect Destruction’s lower target count output.


  • Destruction
    • Inferno (Talent) now has a reduced chance for Rain of Fire to generate Soul Shard Fragments when it deals damage beyond 5 targets (was 8).

alright now gimme cookies and pop that portal up kty

and still nothing to address destro’s lack of single target power…u all suck


Not one single pvp update? Not even one?


imagine continually nerfing locks because they take top spot


outlaw rogue buffs please!

Blizz is horrible at balancing classes. They have specs outside of the 15% range of each other so instead of buffing those bottom specs they nerf the top ones.

Garbage blizz


Still not enough. Destro deserves to have its knees absolutely shattered and even then it would still probably do more damage than every other spec in M+. This nerf doesn’t even address the fact that Destro can gigastun full packs with infernals that still have no DR.

Finally you guys see how overpowered warlocks are in aoe situations. This adjustment is very well made. Even though they are still gonna perform better than almost all classes in aoe after this change.

Could you provide some clarification for this? On 6 targets, will you receive full inferno shard generation on 5 targets and reduced generation on 1 target? Or will all 6 targets have the reduced generation?

Can you guys balance your game before releasing content?


Linxy, very understandable change but if you could allow us one minute of your time, i have one question.

Could we get some further elaboration on how does the reduced chance for Rain of Fire to Generate Soulshards Fragments beyond 5 targets work? curious to understand how it works; if the chance remains the same on the first 5 targets in a pack of 8 or its reduced to all 8 targets; if it uses a Square-root formula or something different.

I thank you for any possible information that you might be able to share.

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Maybe at some point You can fix Shadow Priest.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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bAHAHAHA hahahahah.

Whew… that’s good.

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