Class Colors in Chat REMOVED with Patch

WoW Classic Era no longer shows class colors in chat after the patch.

I had this enabled on all of my characters before yesterday, no addons necessary, but it has since been removed. The old commands to turn it on no longer work, either.

Any way to allow us to turn this on natively so we don’t have to resort to addons?

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+1, happening to me, too. The command /console SET chatClassColorOverride "0" isn’t functioning to enable player names to be displayed using class colors in chat windows. My file already has it enabled. WTF for real.

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Super lame, I want class colors in chat back :(.

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Why does this kind of thing keep happening? Its like the 20 yard nameplate slider does doesnt even work…?

someone has a fix th this ? -_-

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Theres no -EASY- fix for this from what I understand… However… you can go into your WoW folder and edit a file…

( Close WoW First )

Program Files(x86) \ World of Warcraft \ classic_era \ WTF \ ACCOUNT \ {YOURACCOUNT} \ {YOURSERVER} \ {CHARACTERNAME} \ chat-cache.txt …

Inside this file, change all the “N” to “Y” beside the chat instance your wanting to see colors in. Save, then boot up WoW


i fixed this with the jchatfilter and jvars addon on github. you could also just study that code

This wasn’t working for me as recently as yesterday… but it works today!