Class Adjustments for July 15, 2019


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Boost. I like the resto Druid balance.

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i feel like Rdruids need another 10% off the top they were MILES ahead of every other healer. They should have 20% reduced heals in pvp plus reduced soul of the forest by 100% so its not 200% lay on hands every game then we might be straight.

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class adjustments

third mage spec viable… nothing else


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Can we do something about mages being literal tanks?

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Yeah yeah Rdruid nerf thats all fine and good but can you please look into Fire Mages? They are affecting the game negatively more so than any other DPS spec.


wonder in Destro locks ever gonna get nerfed they are still hitting 150K bolts


Healing reduced by 10% in PvP situations.

Developers’ notes: Throughout Season 2, Restoration Druid’s raw healing throughput paired very well with their crowd control, defensive abilities, and ability to sneak away and regain mana through drinking. This is intended to make their healing throughput as useless as other healer specializations in PvP."

There, I fixed that for you guys.

have you looked at those rank1 gameplays in arenas?
no nerf on rogue mage holy paladin? even the person play this comp think they deserve a nerf (pikaboo). rmp have way more ccs and bursts than the other comps
melee wing is basic an invincible for the whole team

See you in another 6 months for class adjustments Blizz!

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If we could go ahead and get some changes that look like this:

Restoration Shaman healing increased 10% baseline
healing wave increased 20% in pvp
healing surge increased 15% in pvp
riptide increased 10% in pvp
would be great considering some 12-15k healing wave isnt going to be healing a single person through anything and is extremely annoying especially knowing our health pools will soon be over 300k to think resto shaman even stands a chance at being competitive is just a joke at this point.

Not to mention the other outlying things everyone hates like greater pyroblast, unholy dk dmg, assassination rogue dmg, chaos bolt dmg or modifiers, earth shock dmg, or the unplayable status of mm hunter, aff lock (the entire xpac), holy priest among other extremely broken and stupid things we have been just dealing with since last season.