Clarity on World Buff Hotfix

Just for clarity, does this also mean that the buff will go out as well, or only the event dialogue?

Will turning in an Onyxia, a Nefarian, or a Rend head on one layer trigger the cooldown for the other layer(s)?


I would assume that it means “as long as the NPC is alive on all layers then the buff and cooldown will be triggered for every layer.”


Wonder what happens if they get out of sync due to resets…

double buff timers or cooldown triggered but no buff for a certain layer… hmmm, knowing blizzard it’s probably the former.

in any case, it should probably be tested.

I believe the event dialogue is always triggered regardless of the buff CD. If the buff is on CD when the event starts, then no buff will go out after the speech. My assumption is that this change triggers the buff CD on all layers if it’s spent on any of the layers. So the CD will always be in sync in that regard. However, the npc can still be killed to reset the CD; I have no idea how that wouldn’t find itself exempt from the CD on other layers.

The CD is dumb, and the ZG buff is proof enough that the CD on world buffs isn’t doing anything important.

When you are doing fix around layers 11 months after the release, you know they’ll stay here forever.

Same in TBC.

As long as the game continues to be phenomenally popular.

Is there a cool down for ony / rend now? The wording and vagueness of the blue post is kinda lame

The world buff situation is very confusing and needs clear and concise elaboration