Clarifying the Process for Unlocking Mechagnomes

Now the NPC is appearing correctly.

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Any fix for Prince Erazmin being in Mechagon City and people unable to turn in paragon chests or rank 4 vision of perfection?

“Urgent Care” from Aysa Cloudsinger

Not offered to me, I have completed this questline on the character looking. No quest offered. Aysa not offering the quest, or is it supposed o be Kelsey now?

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okay, sweet.

you guys patched it

Got it all done…

And now, I present Murgadroid, my new Hunter:


We are actively investigating this, thanks for the callout :slight_smile:


Just as an addendum, it’s showing progression sprockets as a loot reward from king mechagon on heroic. I ran a heroic run yesterday and it didn’t drop. Is it a chance to drop on heroic or is it a bug with dungeon journal?

Also, can we loot (assuming it isn’t a bug) a progression sprocket from heroic and get one on mythic or is it still using the one/two per week lockout?

Edit: Heroic not Mythic

It has been fixed. Thank you Blizz and Bornakk :slight_smile:

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Good night @Bornakk!

Note: My english is not good but I hope to help with this information.

I was able to complete 100% the liberation of the allied race of mecha gnomes.

Note: There are missions that are having trouble identifying NPCs with borders (colored outlines around npc) and markers on the mini map.


This quest is having trouble identifying a boss mini map (have two boss)
Mission: Voyage to Safety

At the end of this post I put the images.

The transition between these two missions is having trouble identifying npcs to continue the mission but is functioning normally (NPC Arden)

Someone Who Can Help for The Current Schematic

I was only able to finish the missions with the wowhead videos.

It would be interesting for the team that cares to review the release missions of this allied race.

My Problem is that after doing all that, went in Mechagon to clear the rest of the Resistance. Then got that achivement. But I didn’t pick up the quest to take to the Alliance Embassy… damn… is there a way to get into the new Mechagon to pick up the quest? … there isn’t one at the Embassy now. :frowning:

Eh? The quest was just sitting at the Embassy waiting for me when I got there.

I am experiencing the same thing.

On Horde I completed:
-Rustbolt Rebellion
-The Mechagonian Threat

On Alliance I completed:
-Welcome to the Resistance

But when my Alliance 120 character goes to Aysa Cloudsinger, there’s no “Urgent Care” quest offered.

I don’t know if this helps but for me it hasn’t started at the Embassy.

For any Alliance char high enough for the quest once the requirements are met, the Gnome Kelsey Steelspark is always waiting for me by the fountain in Boralus with the Waning Energy quest that unlocks the race (except for on the one Alliance char I already did the quest on unlocking them)

At this spot she’ll say ‘CharName! Your timing couldn’t be better! Mekkatorque is fading fast…’ when the character gets near that spot which can be seen in chat also

Blizzard please come off it with the “There are currently no known issues”. I have tried everything and Gila Crosswires is simply NOT IN THE EMBASSY!!! I did the Mechagonian Threat on my Horde character and now you want me to unlock Nazjatar on my Alliance toon who I have done none of BFA on? I can’t even start the BFA campaign on that character because THAT’S BUGGED AS WELL!!!

Having requirements beyond buying the expansion to unlock allied races in the first place was one of the most laughable elements of BfA.

Asking players to STILL back and do old content at this point for these … there really are no words. It’d be less embarrassing to put them on the cash shop.

also, holy necro, batman.

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Er…mechagnomes are Alliance toons. They aren’t Horde toons. Why would there be a Horde-only unlocking system? Those pesky little mecha-gnomes refuse to ally with Horde characters.

Note – the blue post says you don’t have to go to nazjatar. You just have to unlock the Mechagon starter quest on your Alliance toon.

No, Blizzard doesn’t want you to do anything. Blizzard didn’t create a custom game for you. Your personal history in the game means nothing to Blizzard, and isn’t the basis for any design rules. The game is designed for the other 99.9% of players. If they want an Alliance ally, they play Alliance.

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I don’t get the joke. Every game I’ve ever played had rules. What’s funny about that?

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1 year later and mechagnomes are non-existent.

I got great news for you! The alliance and horde have 2 different mounts they can unlock and use cross-faction. Yes that means you have to do nazjatar rep TWICE and get the manapearls or w/e it was called twice for it but well worth it.

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There are dozens of us.


That’s not a whole lot, RIP mechagnomes. Even less then KTs!

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