Clarification needed

I have been buying game time from my bnet account balance for months now since I had maxed it out and wanted to bring the balance down. Does that count towards real money purchases or not. Someone claimed they made a ticket and it was confirmed using the bnet balance in that way counts as a real money purchase so we should be able to buy tokens. Before I make another ticket I am wondering if anyone else can confirm this is the way it works.

The blue post seem to imply it is only constantly buying tokens that is the issue.

I believe from the post, it will depend on how you loaded the balance. Using tokens can either give game time or balance, so after tomorrow it will likely depend on that.

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I am curious about this one too. Is the system set up to differentiate where the Balance comes from? Gold token, real life money card/digital purchase, real life money gift, old D3 balance? Etc.


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I take that as a 30 day , 60 day or monthly subscription, prior used.

It’s a great question, and one that they might not want players to know.

Aqure, I’m not sure we can give you a definitive answer one way or the other. I would encourage you to open that ticket and ask. Don’t just take the word of someone saying “well, they said this”. Hopefully, they can provide you guidance.

My first instinct is that Balance won’t count. It doesn’t seem to solve the overarching issue, as the botters/hackers can simply purchase the WoW token and add one to the balance. But if they can separate it like Mirasol suggests, then maybe it would be allowed.

But again, I have no knowledge if this is correct or not. It just seems logical this way. Hopefully, there can be some official clarification.


I don’t think they would bother with tracking how the balance was obtained - plus I don’t think you can just buy a token now and put it on bnet for one month game time. I always have a problem finding the game time but I have been having to pay for 2 months at a time for awhile now.

If no blue pops in I guess wait and see, unlikely to get a ticket answered before I can try for myself tomorrow now anyway.

There’s tracking already built in for tokens in your purchase history. And it does know when a token was purchased, and whether you used it as balance or game time.


Yeah but if you put 200 from tokens on there and 100 from a cash card are they really going to sort through which was used first for millions of people or just treat everything the same?

In an automated system it will not be hard to track those that used cash to purchase game time after tomorrow, and those who only used gold to buy game time, even if using balance after a token conversion.

Y’all might be over thinking this.

It could be as simple as this:

-Since 2017 has $15 real cash been added/used? Yes or no.
-Since 2017 has 30 days been played? Yes or no.

If both yes, can buy from AH.

That’s my guess.

Edit to note: This in no way affects the vast majority of actual players as they will have done this just by playing the game normally.


Then it shouldn’t be hard to tell who is a legitimate player and who is a bot.

This is starting to feel like it’s becoming a general thread. I think we should keep things within reason and leave the topic as is as spitballing what ifs ain’t the best idea.

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While it SHOULD not be hard to track, that does not mean it is set up that way. Bnet Balance has several sources I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Cash purchase/credit card on the Blizz website
  • Battlenet Balance cards at physical retailers
  • Gifted Balance (uses real money new transactions)
  • WoW Tokens exchanged for Balance
  • Diablo 3 RMAH proceeds turned into Balance
  • Credits/refunds/ other Customer Service related special applications
  • Employee rewards (if those still exist?)

The system has had so many changes over the years I would not count on it being as thorough as you seem to think it is. I hope so, but I am not going to hold my breath.

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I’m not sure where bots fit into this decision. Only stating the system probably can differentiate those eligible to buy tokens based on the tracking in your purchase history.

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Hopefully a more official FAQ will be released soon with details. Until then we all get I’m just hypothetically discussing this?

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Like most computer systems, it would most likely be the FIFO method of determining when the balance is used. For those that don’t know, FIFO means First In, First Out.

I was going to say we shall know tomorrow but I remember now I probably will be able to buy tokens anyway because I paid for one month on a prepaid credit card to prove it can be done on this forum so that one payment should have been enough to credit me for the 30 days of real money.

I actually wasn’t sure about this - very good question.

We’ve asked - and from what I’m told, balance counts.

Should you find that isn’t the case, do let us know.


So, players can just convert tokens to Bnet Balance, buy 60 days of game time, and it counts? Ok then…

Although, from the char select screen on an inactive account, it only lets you use your gold to buy a game token right? Not a token that can be converted to Balance? So someone would need active game time before going the token to balance route.

I never tried it myself, but is that correct?

Thanks. I was just checking my account and it just shows tokens or $ payment so that makes sense