Clan Demonsbane/Pact of War

Any of you still out there who are planning on playing 2021??!!

I have one lvl 60 so far on Zul’Jin (Zenwrath - Orc warlock). He makes me think of Darkest from Clan Demonsbane lol.

Anyways, Happy New Year whoever reads this! <3

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Hey Tempered :slight_smile:

Hey Dentik/Rawne!! How’s it going??

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Good, been enjoying Shadowlands. How are you?

Great, glad to hear it! I started enjoying it before i got hit with that wall again regarding the endless Blizzard grind. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with lvl 20 twinking and plan on letting my sub run out here in a few weeks to just enjoy lvl 20 questing/BGs. I’ll of course always be around until Blizz decided to pull the plug lol.

Toon’s name is Loktardocrap on Zul’Jin btw (Orc hunter) lol ;-d)

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Wow, just for kicks I searched Clan Demonsbane and saw this. I was just reminiscing about the pvp fun we had running CD and PoW teams together. I was that Sulfuras welding Shaman, Bubkuk. I lost access to the account years ago. The essence of him lives on in my new Shammy, Wambink on Dalarian. Also got a disc priest Moronyo. Good to see a few of you still kicking.

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As of April 2022:

Main’s name: Zendrakkius
Realm: Zul’Jin
Class: DK

Come look me up and say hi sometime!

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N: Zendrakk
R: Proudmoore
Making bubblehearthing great again!