@ Clan Battlehammer,

This is not a negative call-out, but rather a welcomed response.

It has been a long time since moving from ED to WRA around the end of Legion. Though I didn’t spend much time on the server compared to WRA now, I did come to know a rather neat bunch of guilds in the RP-PVP circle. Recently, I just got out of an Alterac Valley match. Expecting to do the usual run north, cap bases, and kill the leader.

What I didn’t expect is seeing a bunch of stampeding dwarves on mammoths yelling in war cries, kicking my kneecaps in and clapping my elven cheeks.

The experience of being mauled and ran over brought back memories from ED and its WPVP, but more than that. It was a welcoming sight to see Clan Battlehammer still alive and well! A guild that has been around for nearly 11 years and counting, mind you. That’s a long time!

I’m likely not remembered, but that’s not the point. Just wanted to pass on my gratitude for bringing back old memories of the past. May your ale never run empty.

Selama ashal’anore. Al diel shala, (Justice for our people. Safe travels.)

Ignitheus Fireheart
Ex-member of Phoenix Highguard


Hail elf!

It’s always an honor t’battle with another person o’honor! Hope WrA finds ya well! Maybe we’ll meet again!

Long Live Clan Battlehammer!
Katrëll Highmountain
King Regent o’CBH

((May 2022 was our 13th anniversary :D))


Hail Ignitheus!

I thought I saw your name on the battlefield, as I was there with the Hammers. They truly are a force to be reckoned with, and also a great bunch of people.

Fare thee well old friend!

Priestess Charlotte Herrington
Allies of Battlehammer
Formerly Priestess Nynaevve Mandragoran of Phoenix Highguard :wink:


Aye! Tis a sight tae see ‘em muster troops in Dwarven District!

Raises a flagon of Dwarven Stout

For the Alliance!


Though loyalties are and forever will be more towards the Sin’dorei, honor within the Horde will always be upon the mind. Perhaps when I’m not occupied by other obligations that I might swing by and visit.

(And 6 months until the 14th. Niiice)

Nynaevve! A familiar name to recall and quite vividly! I was at work during my time in that match, but it was still fun while it lasted.

Though, I can tell none of the people in the Horde raid were thrilled in getting destroyed by dwarves… lol.

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lol who would. i remember meeting CBH in AV when i was on horde. i was like WTF is this ok now i got to check em out. havnt regretted it since.


This may be the solution for me missing things about classic vanilla wow. I didnt realize that guilds like Clan Battlehammer were still kickin. I may have to jump in.


Tae Clan Battlehammer.

May the wind always be at their backs an’ the road rise up tae meet ‘em.


Very good people, and the guild is a server legacy/legend!

One of the guilds, and people, that have come to define Emerald Dream.


As a former member of the Elves of the North, I recall the nights of fighting the many alliance guilds, including Battlehammer. Well fought.


This is more like it.

Hi cutie :kissing_heart:

Shakes is head as if getting rid the of cobwebs

Aye! I swear I just saw a ghost!

Is that the infamous Baast!

It cannae be!

What dark magic is this?


I s’pose ya did. I’m back from the dead!

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mein penor


My brother told me stories o’ some old tavern proprietor. He said she used tae hold some grand parties at her establishment. I’d laugh an’ chalk it up as a scary legend meant tae keep young dwarves from driftin’ too far from the straight an’ narrow.


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