Cinder and Ash - Fri/Sat 8-11central LF Heals, DPS

Name: Cinder and Ash
Faction: Horde, but welcoming Alliance brethren, sistren, and peopleren
Server: Mal’Ganis
Website: kicking-ash dot com

Amirdrassil: 4/9H & 9/9N
Aberrus: 4/9M & 9/9H AOTC, Rashok 10%
Vault: 3/8M, but we typically earn 50-75% of Mythic tiers
Raid Days: Friday and Saturday 8:00pm-11:00pm, CST (Server Time).
DPS: Warlock, Demon Hunter

About Us:
Our group members vary but we are mostly thirty-somethings who love to progress together as a team. Some of us have been together for years, and some are significantly newer – we are always welcome to new “faces” in the guild.

We strive for a structured and competitive raid, constantly analyzing logs and improving ourselves, and you should too.

Non-Raid Events:
We enjoy running M+ at various levels throughout the week and kicking it in old raids for camaraderie, achievements, and mounts. Our discord events channel lists the guild-wide casual events that rotate in and out each week.

What We Are Looking For:
We accept all players provided they are respectful. We have a diverse guild roster and we expect all of our members to be welcoming and accepting.

It does not bother us if your progression is not as progressed as ours, as long as you’re willing to put in the work to learn and can pull your weight.

We keep our rosters above 20 to account for absences and fights where we need more ranged than melee. We do not perma-bench people and aim to rotate people as much as possible when we don’t have sitting volunteers. During Mythic, you might get sat for a boss sometimes, but it will not be a regular occurrence.

Exceptional players of all classes and roles always considered. We are willing to consider any classes so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Casuals are welcome.

Btag: Ember#1670
Discord: @emberwrites (preferred)

Updated progress and needs

Updated needs and progress

looking for heals + ranged dps & 1/9M

3/9m looking for heals + ranged dps

4/9m looking for dps & heals

needs updated

Recruiting for 10.2

heya! 430 ww monk lookin to get back into AOTC raiding. Also currently leveling a fury war

Recruiting for Amirdrassil
Please reach out on discord or bnet :slight_smile:

updated needs