Chronoboon on TBC Launch Day

Good Afternoon All:

Outside of blizzard confirming that during patch 2.5 (prepatch) we could use chronoboons(More TBC news), have they mentioned anywhere that you can use them during early TBC to get buffs into dungeons on PvP servers?

I’d prefer to not dedicate time to collecting them, or spending money on multiple boons if I don’t need to :slight_smile:

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Yes, I would also like to know this. I was thinking it might get destroyed on the day of release because of that datamined destroyed chronoboon on wowhead but I would like an official statement.

Yeah, im not sure if i should be leaving buffs in the boon and if they get deleted or not.

I thought you could use world buffs till 61 or 62. Is there any confirmation yet on being able to boon buffs in that process?

You never needed to.

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