Chromie Time confusion

So all the stuff I’ve googled is confusing. Here’s what I need to know.

At what level do I stop xp so I can continue to queue dungeon finder in each expansion?

Will reaching level 61 stop Chromie time?

Can I solo old raids while in Chromie time or will I have to reach level 61?

As soon as you hit 60, you will not have access to Chromie Time anymore. When you hit 60, a 60 second countdown timer will start (that cannot be stopped.) Once it counts down you’ll be ported to Stormwind/Orgrimmar and Chromie Time will be turned off.

So, turning off XP at 59 should preserve your ability to queue for any expansion dungeons while using Chromie Time. There were some bugs early in Dragonflight that were causing issues at level 59 and Chromie Time. They should be fixed, but if you want to be really safe you can stop XP at 58.

Turning on Chromie Time for any expansion will turn on scaling for all of them. Which one you’ve picked will determine which dungeons you see in the dungeon finder. (The old Vanilla dungeons are under the Cataclysm timeline.)

If you are trying to do content (mostly) in order, then it might be a good idea to stop XP at 49 until you’ve finished MoP content. That will minimize the issues that BfA phasing can cause with older zones.

I haven’t tested to see if old raids scale in Chromie Time, but it should be pretty easy to see. Head into Molten Core or another Vanilla raid at 35 or higher with Chromie Time on and it should be pretty clear if it’s scaling. Either way it’s not a big deal. You can always turn Chromie Time off to run them and then back on when you’re done.

At 58 you should be able to solo any raids up through Warlords easily with scaling off. Legion dungeons will be soloable, but raids will be harder, especially on harder difficulties. For Legion, you’ll be best off at 60+ and will need some decent gear.


Thank you so much for your time. Answered every question!