Cho'gall Alliance?

Am I the only one still here?


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I’m still here, and still Running my guild.

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Well this post is already pretty old, and I’m not around in retail anymore, but gonna be playing the crap outa classic. Came back to the forums to see if I could find anyone still around

Hey Nath!

I’m still here and still playing…at least for a couple of more days. Some Real life friends are subbed and we play the game together.

My only gripe with Classic is that the launch is right before my school semester begins again. So I may or may not be subbed throughout the semester.

You know which realm you plan on playing when classic goes live?

Damn sorry to hear about the timing with school and launch. Dance and I are both gonna be rolling on Fairbanks alliance if you’re playing there by chance, or if you haven’t chosen a realm yet. Would be great to catch up sometime if possible, miss the days of CSS!