Chill streak change makes me speechless

The nerf itself is probably not even relevant to arena but the fact they pick frost DK to nerf is just ridiculous… While combust/convoke/incarn starsurge/divine toll/dance of chiji proc/18k condamn/ele shaman/doom winds + chain harvest/the hunt/mind games are there, blizzard picks chill streak to nerf… and chill streak, even with all the bounces happen over 3-4 seconds, still hits lighter than divine toll/meteor/chaos bolt even… and everything I list here to compare is instant damage…

Something must have gone wrong here… I though engineers at blizz are all skillful people with at least a college degree? Lets remember all those logical reasoning we have learned from our professors and make careful decisions please…

Unless someone at blizz is playing mage/ret/boomy/disc/ele kappa


I think whoever balances PvP plays a paladin. Ret being the way that it is, hpal being the best PvP healer, and Prot pal being the second best PvP healer and the only viable tank in arena.

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I’m a casual PvPer and I’m confused, lol. Maybe when the moon shines right, all other dps is ready to rock, my CS can do enough damage for someone else to kill the target, haha.

All I know is, I am playing my Paladin and in a random BG last night with janky gear by today’s standard, I was able to come into a WG flag room, kill the FC and 3 other support, solo with one global and lots of WOG. I doubt I can do any of that with the DK. I can probably pull and annoy them, enough until backup arrives…

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they increased all damage abilities by 5%, which means that chillstreak was technically only nerfed by 5% because all damage received a blanket buff.

needless to say, this is actually a huge buff for Dks. obliterate does 5% more damage, frost strike does 5% more. howling blast does 5% more.

:joy::joy::joy: oh yeah huge dam from howling blast


you obviously don’t play frost dk. Rime procs cause howling blast to hit pretty hard. warrior brain.

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please stop trying you are not near as good as the actual bloomsday


i wish my rime procs did 10k like a judgement, or 10k-15k like a lighting bolt. Dk is the most balanced class right now.


This Xelo guy is a nerd.

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wow that was toxic…

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Get rekt nerd!

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I have a dk, but go hide more on your classic alt nub :joy:

I love the alt/classic posters they love to show how much of their brain is missing.


People who post on classic toons are the type of people who will only speak their mind behind a computer screen out of fear.


im sure enhance and paladins wish they had deathgrip, amz, ams, ibf etc… you cant really compare classes on the basis of one thing like that, you have to look at the entire kit.

i wish i had bubble or stormkeeper, ams absorb isn’t nothing in this meta one starsurge and its gone. amz is the only gud defensive dk has and ibf is pretty decent bc the stun immunity but 30% dmg reduc isnt gonna stop me from getting hit for 15k from a tv or ran over by turbo

lol a ret talking about missing brain, ok bud. Stay extremely mad that i post on a classic character, it’s amusing.

I wish I hit 10k judgements but that requires me to run vengeance aura which is not worth my time. The 15k tvs are about right though.

i dont think no one is mad you post on a classic alt ur just cringe

I mean if my alts probably weren’t higher rated then your main maybe I would agree, but since I’m not posting on the 4 characters I play you think I main ret.