Chief Engineer Scooty Quest

IDK if any one else is having this prob but i can not get the Goblin Transponder to get into Gnomergan and i think its because i have outleved the quest i would love if a dev could give me one or just fix the problem if any one knows how to fix this bug please let me know

Assuming this is Classic, the Wowhead page for the quest mentions a bug where if you’ve done “STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout Spyglass” you get locked out of the quest. (It looks like this is a bug from the original that persists in Classic.)

There isn’t a workaround, just a warning not to complete “Rig Wars” as you need to be on that quest for the transponder one to show up, so completing that will also lock you out if they ever do fix the bug. I’m not sure that actually matters, as at this point, I suspect their “fix” will be the quest’s removal in Cata Classic. (At which point the transporter is available in Grom’gol without the quest.)

In retail, there is no quest, you can just use the transporter in Grom’gol.