Chief Diversity,Equity, and Inclusion Officer

No one said this. I think if you go back and look at the quotes and from the original conversation you’ll understand better.

Funny, I stated the same things above. Also like I said above it’s only the lily white kids from upper class communities who have never seen a minority outside of a tv show or movie call this of us with mixed households “racists” because we don’t virtual signal the correct way.

Like I said, these people are like the vile human beings who do no good all week long, but as soon as people are watching, they sit in the front row and praise God the loudest - at the same time they condemned people who are actually doing the good work that churches do.

Everything is for appearance. My 40 years of choices show I am not a racist person mores than someone shouting the correct words ever will.

It also doesn’t mean you can let them say bad things and not respond to it, and if someone says a bad thing, they don’t deserve the respect of a decent conversation.

Absolutely not, because that does nothing. If someone says a terrible thing it is everyones responsibility to show them its wrong. Not turn the other cheek and cry about it to the teacher…

This isn’t remotely true. Reason and cause is important. If someone is criticizing a hire they think isn’t deserved due to skin color and veiling it under “they aren’t qualified” that’s bigotry. Pointing out the bigotry and even some privilege they have to feel they say those things? Entirely different. Maybe you don’t see that, and that’s your prerogative. But, its not a belief I have EVER had, and I don’t teach my kid its ok to just run to the teacher. Someone says something, say worse. Someone hits you, hit back. Agree or not, just gonna have to agree to disagree

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Did you…or did you not say that people thinking

The only way its offensive is if its applicable. Someone claiming All white people like mayonnaise and bland food (lot of jokes involve that in some circles) doesn’t offend me because it doesn’t apply since I don’t.

Someone saying all AF members got to sit around and do nothing but fly, isn’t applicable because I didn’t. I was a mechanic.

Someone saying all cripples sit around doing nothing, isn’t offensive because I don’t.

See the logic there? What someone says doesn’t get offensive until you think it is applicable…ESPECIALLY about white supremacists dude. Why even bring it up as just white supremacists? It isn’t JUST those people that think women should be in specific roles for the house man. Religious fundamentalists, and others think that too. Why not go with that line…you specifically said white supremacists thinking that is insulting…

Bull, you think if people find what was said offensive are racist is what you are saying. I am offended.

By your logic, if I saw you use your terminology with any other race’s identifier you yourself would be screaming and flagging en masse.

People finding anything offensive doesn’t net them a label, you thinking that is 100% what is wrong with society.

Please just stop. I am so done with your roundabout thinking.


possibly true but follow Startlagosa’s rant from the beginning. She started attacking religious folks and other group ending up with white supremasists. It’s very clearly an a straw man attack on anyone perceived as her enemy - basically the right or more specifically conservative even if they were on both sides of the 2 party system (as late as the 80s).

It’s a dog whistle. It’s also a virtue signal. You believe like me or you are evil.

It’s a comment than no woman would ever want to do this role and the only reason they would is because the evil man kept them down (I could even go on to say she implied white but I will stop short of that)

If you notice my response didn’t attack her, All I said was I thought these roles were too undervalued (by both men and women) and was very happy when I did them. I didn’t mention race I just showed support for all child-rearers and home-makers.

The white supremists part never occurred to me because I believe those idiots barely exist and to treat them as real is like an atheist treat a spirit as real.


You left out how they hired women they found attractive instead of women who would be the best for the job.

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I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been axed yet.

What phase comes after “nuh uh, you’re the REAL racist!!”


More of this

That’s why I played this game…to escape reality.

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We need more of your deep insight first.

I want to believe that, and if so, then sorry for calling you one through that. They are NOT remotely small man. Literally see many where I live lol. It would be nice to think they are small, but no…they are a very vocal group of people doing terrible things still today.

I can’t stand up to mental giants that think calling someone gay over the internet is comedy.

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Yeah…where are you getting this nonsense?
I definitely think there is something clearly wrong about white supremacists. If you don’t then that’s a you problem.

The only way to win, is to stop playing their game.

It takes a bit of research and some life changes and you can basically ignore the failings of their prescribed mentality.

The statement you made is the exact reason why the people who think and feel the way they do are a shrinking number of human beings that because of their own doctrine cannot sustain their ideology. When every person who thinks outside their box becomes an apostate for having free thought, they get excommunicated from the group. Let them keep doing that, and eventually their words will be little more then a whisper.

Blizzard wasting money on a Diversity and Inclusion position is part of the death throws of a dying cause. You need not worry, more and more people every day are coming around and turning their backs on evil.

There is no use for discussion with these people. They have nothing to say, and less to argue about. Their time is over, their “species” is endangered. We can all hope that the next group who wants what they want, because lets be honest, there will always be two sides to a coin, will have the intelligence and tact to be reasonable human beings.

Give um a smile and let them extinguish their tiny little flame that is barely burning.


It is amazing watching the reaction to Elon Musk. On paper, Twitter is a publicly traded entity with a board that’s supposed to have fiduciary obligations to the shareholders.

In reality, the board will gladly screw over their shareholders and subject themselves to a substantial personal risk of derivative lawsuits in order to stop Twitter from being a platform for freedom of speech.


I am fairly sure they will go to any length, to include self destruction, to prevent that from happening.

Ah yes, when I think of evil it’s…

supporting diversity and inclusion?

“Freedom of speech” is just a phrase he’s throwing around as part of his grift. You can spend a few minutes looking at Elon’s history and find out real quickly he doesn’t actually support free speech.


Since this was a question, I will go ahead and answer.

Thought 1 was;
"Blizzard wasting money on a Diversity and Inclusion position is part of the death throws of a dying cause."

You see, when there is a period at the end of a statement, the statement stands on its own. The next statement can be related to the previous one, or it can stand on its own merit.

In this case, I was specifically taking note of how it is a waste of money to employ a person in this position, and the reason it matters is because Blizzard assumes the PR will be good for business, so they made sure everyone knew they hired for this position. Now I will ask you a question, when was the last time you saw an announcement for an engineer being hired at Blizzard?

They are signalling unearned virtue, because they cannot be virtuous on their own through normal means. This exists, because as I said, its a death throw of a dying cause.

Thought 2 was;
"You need not worry, more and more people every day are coming around and turning their backs on evil."

The ideology, I assume to which you ascribe, is evil to its core. We, as a society, are lucky that this evil is being ignored on a large scale now. The way this relates to the first statement is as follows, because people are ignoring it, when virtue signalling is required, the people who participate must show grand gestures like plastering their Diversity and Inclusion hire all over the place (I am aware that this post isn’t sanctioned by Blizzard). This type of gesture has to be loud and pervasive, or everyone who has been ignoring them will not see how Blizzard has signaled all the virtue.

On to your statement.

"supporting diversity and inclusion?"

Care to expound in this?

Tell me in your own words why Diversity and Inclusion, specifically a position in a company, is required to enhance all the Diversity and Inclusion. You can’t use all the dried up talking points we have all heard time and time again. I know its great to be in the “in-group” but please make an attempt to use your own words. Just saying you support something doesn’t clarify what about it you support.

As an example, I support legal system reform.

I feel like if you get a single DUI/DWI you should be in prison for the rest of your life.

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Elon has the experience, money, and capability to make his own social media platform if he wanted.

There are ample “free speech” alternatives that people can use instead of Twitter. Those don’t seem very popular though for some reason. He could buy one of those instead and try to make that work better?

He does not want that though, he wants attention, publicity, and a stock win. It is not the first time he has done this stuff.

He is still mad about the teenager who would not take $5000 to stop posting about Elon’s jet locations on Twitter.