Cheers to Blizzard CS for allowing continuing harassment (:

Posting here for visibility. (:

Really enjoyed having my characters followed on retail and classic by some random person constantly whispering me death threats, homophobic and sexist slurs for weeks, and making constant jokes about the bush fires. The same person just made FIVE different alts to whisper me telling me they hope all Australians burn and die in the fires, and they hope i’m the next to go.

You’re asking what i did? i killed this player in warmode once.

Blizzard, how about you step up and take some action on people like this. I’ve sent through reports for every single alt. I’ve ignored the characters. What more do you want me to do?

Did you report them for ongoing harassment? Or was crying on the forums your first call?


I’ve been reporting for weeks, and its still happening.

You should move this to the CS forum if you actually want blue interaction.

Do they actually do anything there though or anywhere?

The blues do actively respond on the CS forum, yes.

The alts were probably throw away temp accounts, not directly linked to who ever you say is harassing you. From my personal experience with CS, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t step in if someone is crossing the line. That said you would probably have a better chance of getting their attention on the CS forums.

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Um, they are just gonna tell you to file a ongoing harassment ticket, the CS forums have no control of enforcement and the Blues here will tell you it not a contact point for the GMs.

Just keep filing the “Ongoing Harassment” tickets

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Was this on another account? Language that violates should be reported with right-click reporting. Ongoing harassment needs to be a specific ticket - and I see nothing on this license younger than 51 days old, and that was for a refund.

You also need to put them on /ignore.


There you go.


Make sure that you’re not replying in any way to the harasser. Beyond that, report every attempt they make to contact you by bypassing the ignore feature.

Blizz takes that sort of harassment very seriously.

Here’s a link to a very thorough article regarding ongoing harassment:


I’ve done a reports on this account; i guess i’ll put in the player name on the character that just whispered me.

If you reported the language, that’s fine, and that won’t append to your account, but ongoing harassment tickets do. You are certainly welcome to do both but I’m just not seeing any tickets on this one.


I’ve tried to open a ticket but nothing works at all. The screen just goes back on the ticket screen. I’ve tried this before and it’s so hard to even write a ticket. Getting to the part to type the issue is difficult as you have to continuously scroll. I’ve reported each account they’ve whispered under language with a description. The whispers i got that prompted this post was the last straw.

What kind of reports? Right-click reports? Those are definitely good, but in this instance, a more detailed ticket might be necessary.

Here’s a link for ongoing harassment in case you need it:

Take a minute or two to read over the thread I linked and if they continue to bypass the ignore feature, please be sure to report them :wink:


Are you doing it in game? If that’s not working try the support link at the top of the page, they go to the same place. If you have to try a different browser.

I’ve done that, and submitted a ticket under a more appropriate selection. Thank you Perl.


I see the ticket now, it will be looked into. I cannot stress enough, however, for this to be considered harassment, you HAVE to put them on /ignore and not respond - at all.