Checking to see if anyone is interested (Fresh leveling guild)

Hello Grobbulus,

My name is Sielu. I am making this thread in search of answers to one simple question: Would anyone be interesting in starting over fresh (like Classic launch fresh)? I know this was done on the Alliance side, however, I’m unsure if it has been done on the Horde side.

My idea is to create a guild filled with those interested in a unique, fresh leveling experience similar to the original launch of Classic WoW. I understand that for many this is a difficult endeavor, although I hope to find a large enough group who may feel up to the task!

Please, comment your thoughts/opinions/etc. on this thread so that I may gather information to make a more distinctive decision. Thank you!


This interests me.

(though it appears OP has either deleted or attempted to delete similar posts elsewhere, I’d still be interested in this)

Yes, I’ve been on BB and want to re-roll Horde, but am concerned about the low pop Horde community there so looking at Grobb.

Hey, I’m considering remaking Horde.

Ready when you are. What’s your new name?

Put me down as interested if this happens, just send me an in-game mail to Tahgwae and let me know :slight_smile:

I was planning on re-rolling on Grobbulus and would be very interested in joining.