Checking out the guilds

Heya folks! I’m currently in WRA, and might be tempted to come to the moon side! Just wanting to see whats out there! Currently, my toon is a human monk, who would prefer to be in Pandaria still. So if there is still rp in panda land here, or better yet, monk centric groups, let me know!

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Hey there! Sorry for the lte reply! The Consortiums are looking for nice folks like you!

  1. Well first two things to know about us is our OOC and IC goals

  2. OOC: We seek to benefit the Moon Guard community with quality and creative intrigue. IC: We are a Coalition of Nobles that have come together to form and fund a private army that’s purpose is to take out the more “minor” threats to the Alliance.

  3. The Alliance’s main armies and heroes may focus on the main threats. With our “Noble House’s” we mean very resourceful people of various cultures of Azeroth That are basically the equivalent of being a minor noble of humanity.

  4. We are Lawful good Aligned and strict about being lore abiding but are okay with minor lore bending.

  5. The Consortium is a coalition of various minor noble houses among the Alliance, along with other individuals that are considered powerful.

  6. Coming & pooling our resources and skills together in order to form in the simplest terms a private army.

  7. The Consortium is a full scale “Military” guild, in the respect that unlike most para-militant guilds we aren’t just a guard force, garrison, or mercenary band.

  8. We are a full logistical company of Merchants & Tradesmen securing supply lines and tracking down rare or powerful resources.

  9. We seek out craftsmen to supply the ranks with necessary supplies, and the funding to fabricate the unique projects they would have otherwise been withheld from in the back of their minds. Researchers, scholars, spies, and much more.