Cheaters and No One Cares, At Blizzard It Seems

I went to HFP on both horde and alliance toons and didn’t see anyone cheating. Didn’t even see anyone in the zones besides myself and maybe 1-2 others. Was pretty disappointed.

How is a direct message going to watch anything?

On a serious note, usually they ban bots in waves.


The trained eye will easily spot bots playing. There are good bots and bad, of course.

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Because I’ve seen the same names for the past 6 months, everyday, hitting away.

I don’t think that Blizzard doesn’t care but I do think they should hussel up a bit in reponse times.

Yeah right there before Hangman’s point. I liked to steal kills from it before the skinning changes

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I think there’s a few important quotes from Blizz’s last blue post on bot banning.

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And there are also lots of untrained eyes.

Ironically this is a player created problem. But ignoring that fact, just report them.

I’ve actually reported a number of the moonkin bots just AoEing mobs, and I’ve gotten reports they got a ban.


Actually I’d figure they would get banned faster when repeat accounts start to surface, since the location is a hotspot/known location for the person/people involved.

It’s a never ending cycle but the speed in banning the person/people should increase, at least one would think. :man_shrugging:

If Blizz did this, which they shouldn’t because people move and what if it’s an apartment complex with multiple wow players, like say New York or L.A, then they would just resort to VPNs I’d imagine.

I guess I should’ve clarified, the location(s) in game.

Ah I gotcha now, yeah that makes sense. I went to Iron Docks the other day after hearing so many people talk about the bot chains there and I wanted to run it and see what the fuss was about. I get there and sure enough, a little train of 111 Druids was going in and out lol. Also it is good gold :+1: I understand why they run it. I got just about 450g for a 7 minute clear, I won’t hit the 10 instance lockouts per hour doing 7 minute runs, 400g every 7 minutes is ~3200g per hour for as long as you can stand to repeatedly do the same run over and over.

Lol I actually played an an arathi with like 13 gnome DK’s all boxed out. It was a super easy win because just just. Run away from them and back cap. It was fun mass cc’ing them and it breaks the system so you just gave a bunch of gnomes standing there letting you kill them. Fun times.

Indeed but the thing is there are other mmos out there that deals with bot users very quickly. Something just tells me that their anti-cheat detection system isn’t very good at all at doing its job. We all know that within a week of SL dropping there will be caravans of bots running around gathering and most of them will probably be doing it for weeks, maybe months before anything even happens. Then again even if they get removed a bunch new pops up.

Multiboxers and bot users aren’t necessarily the same thing. A bot user has no human player playing, it’s all automated. A multiboxer(that isn’t boting) is still a human playing all the characters through various means.

You’re absolutely :100: right. I don’t care.

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I’m not disagreeing with you because I have no knowledge on the subject but which mmo’s and how are they able to ban so quickly? What do you think prevents Blizz from banning as quickly? I haven’t looked into this much but I’m told FinalFantasy doesn’t have any addons, does that mean there’s little to no way for players to maniuplate the game? If so that could be a reason as wow has a great many ways for players to manipulate the game so that freedom may come at the cost of more difficult bot detection :man_shrugging: But again, I’m not a bot detection wizard or anything I’m just curious how other mmo’s do it more quickly than WoW. There must be a reason.

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All is fair in love, and war :rofl: These threads are hilarious. You guys whine, and complain this much irl?

I’ve been playing this game for 16 years and have had probably 100’s of interactions with boxers and bots. Thank you ever so much for the synopsis.

Afaik they still use warden(?) which is horrendous at detecting things like bots nowadays. It might have been good once in time but cheaters, of course, found ways to bypass it. I’d rather have stricter protection in a mmo to deal with cheaters than letting them go rampage in the game.