Chat Ban Not Lifting?

So, I’ve been chat banned for a week. I’m no saint, that’s for sure, but I know damn well I’ve never said anything in game (or out of game for that matter) that deserves a chat ban for a full week.

The account action email I got said my ban should be lifted at 15:01 on September 21st - well, it’s September 21st now, 4:11PM UTC, (for non military time users, that’s past 15:01) and I still cant use chats… Don’t have any other emails stating an extension of the ban or anything like that… This is just kind of absurd at this point…

Chat bans got revamped recently to minimum one year. Any existing bans were extended as part of that.

all chat bans should be permanent, let’s be real :expressionless:


I just had to relaunch the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Times are probably Blizzard time, which is PDT atm.

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Thats bull crap and you know it.

I’ve done my fair share of trolling in game, and I’ve never gotten a chat ban. To get a chat ban, you must have said some really egregious crap :expressionless:

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Not really - the chat bans are automated now (even though a blue post said they aren’t). You just need to be reported a bunch and you’ll get chat banned. I got chat banned in wrath for a week for posting an AV macro that was friendly.

I mean, I was sure someone would show up here and say that. I cant blame you for thinking it, but I assure you thats not the case. My advice is dont get into arguments with basement dwellers that own multiple accounts :stuck_out_tongue:

Something really egregious like looking for people for a raid happening on another day:

spamming macros is annoying. don’t do it :expressionless:




people like this say unspeakable things and then act like it’s no big deal, because in their hyper online world these awful things get thrown around every day :expressionless:

I think that blue post was referrring to game bans, not chat bans.

Either way, I agree with you. I’m all for harsher punishments for repeat offenders (not first-time offenders), but the current system is 100% broken.

The fact that someone and their friends can deliberately report-spam to troll with little to no repercussions is outrageous. Both in-game and on these forums, actually. I’ve seen too many reasonably worded posts get flagged lately.

The ban system is 100% automated. There are literal discords where people can be thrown in with proof to be mass reported.

ok? that doesn’t dispute anything i said :expressionless:

oh, I don’t actually care what you said. Sorry

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you have a funny way of showing that, by replying to me and all :expressionless:

I miss you is why

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I got chat banned for a week for making a joke about the fact orcs and trolls couldnt enter brd after the last patch…the new system is idiotic and also blizzard wont reverese the chat ban no matter what…even though its an automated system that clearly can mess up