<Chasing Shadows> RL-friendly raiding and community

Normal/Heroic Raid is on W 6-9:30pm server (7-10:30pm EST); 1800-2130 CST for you military folks*.

Alt raids on other weeknights if we have enough interested. Typically this is either Tuesday or Thursday. Same times as Wednesday.

We do not do Mythic raiding as the mentality is too toxic for what we are. We will go as far as we can into Heroic, however.

We do not ask our raiders to watch YouTube fight guide videos. Just know we raid for fun and like to learn the fights as we go. That said, we do expect nominal effort and knowledge. We aren’t going to carry anyone.

M+ without having to use Raider .io is super important to us as a guild and we are always LFM people M+ folks so that PuGing is optional, not mandatory.

We also like to do some other casual activities. If it proves popular enough then we throw it on the Guild Calendar. Some examples include; Pet Battle tournaments, pre-made BGs, Warmode achievements, Transmog farming in old raids and tedious farming in groups while having a good time in Discord to make the time pass (arenas, islands, invasion WQs).

Reasons to join us:

(1) You have a real life, but like to decompress and chill with like-minded folks in WoW.
(2) You want to have a good time while still getting things done and not feeling like it’s a 2nd job.
(3) You see WoW as a video game, not a lifestyle. We are a mature community with mature members.
(4) No silly rules other than to be respectful to others. I treat all members like adults. I expect you to act like an adult and treat others like adults.
(5) Keep it simple, stupid! No guild website to sign up to. No application required. No add-ons required (unless you can’t move out of fire). We use the in-game calendar, guild chat and our Discord. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.
(6) No raid spots to compete for and no mandatory attendance. With that comes the understanding that I expect members to be flexible to an extent.
(7) Free items in our FREEBIES bank tab to help you level alts or help out friends or family.
(8) A GM who loves to help members who are willing to put in the time and effort to help the guild. I like to reward those who help the community thrive.
(9) If you like late-nite shenanigans. On my nights off, I have to stay up until at least 5am EST. This usually means chilling in Discord while farming, grinding, PuGing or playing other games with the community.
(10) You like to play other Blizzard games such as SC2, HotS or WC3.
(11) You also play ESO. We have an ESO branch of on the Daggerfall Covenant faction.

Reasons not to join us:

(1) If you’re a min-maxer. We don’t play the META. We aren’t hardcore. You won’t be satisfied with our playstyle. You will only be frustrated.
(2) If you want to be carried. I expect a basic degree of competence and effort. If you don’t have gold for repairs, enchants and gems on your gear, or consumables when coming to raid then I’ll remove you from raid and PuG someone. If you want to whine about that, then I’ll just kick you from guild. It’s not fair to other members or myself.
(3) If you like toxicity, drama or vulgarities. Asmongold and Sodapoppin fanboys need not apply. You won’t like us. We won’t like you. Oil and water, baby. Oil and water…
(4) If you’re selfish or self-centered. If you only play WoW for yourself and you don’t want to contribute to your community, then don’t join a guild. Should go without saying…
(5) If you are hardcore Horde, you won’t like us. We are Alliance fanboys and fangirls. If it’s red, it’s dead. FOR THE ALLIANCE! Did I mention oil and water?
(6) If you are an SJW, pronoun obsessed, #NeverTrump-er or #MAGA, gun-toting, bible-thumping nutcase. I don’t deal with extremist people on either side of the spectrum. This is a video game community. Don’t bring your BS here. I’ll just guild kick you.
(7) If you’re a Blizzard shill. If you can’t handle people being critical of Activision-Blizzard you won’t fit in. We’re not haters. We’re very fair. That said, some people just can’t handle anyone saying anything bad about their precious Blizzard. Imagine defending a multinational corporation LUL.
(8) If you whine about doing the Pathfinder achievement to get flying. Or if you cry about having to grind reputation to unlock Allied Races. Or if you like to whine about why XYZ was better in Classic**. We don’t like whiners in general. I have enough real-life problems, hombre.
(9) If you expect the GM to be on 24/7 and to be jobless and lifeless. I work on a stroke unit in a hospital which means I work 3 days a week for 13 hour shifts. That means I have 4 days off a week. The days I work I’m not on much. The days I’m off you will see me online. That said, I don’t live in WoW. I play other games as well.
(10) If you like Game of Thrones more than Lord of the Rings… We all know Tolkien>Martin. #ObjectiveTruthFacts*** =)

If you’re still interested, you can contact me @ keihndeth#1251 or reply in this thread.

[*] Due to my work schedule, some rare Wednesdays I will not be able to attend raid. If I cannot make it that Wednesday, I will move it to either Tuesday or Thursday that week at the same time of night. I will always let members know at least a week in advance.

[**] Listen. I get it. Many times I even agree. I was GM of a server-first guild in Classic from BWL --> Naxx 40 and was raid leader of one of the few guilds to kill Kel’Thuzad before TBC. That said, whining about how “things used to be better” - nothing good that comes from it. It just isn’t constructive and leads to toxic back-and-forth banter.

[***] I am kidding on this last point. You’re free to your terrible, terrible opinion that GoT>LotR. I mean, you’re probably a bad human being, but that’s OK… I guess…

Everything about your guild seems to be exactly what I’m looking for except the raid times. I, unfortunately, work from 9-6 CST and it takes me about 30 minutes to get home. If I were a little late getting in would that be a problem?

Well I’ve always run an impromptu alt/second raid another time during the week on another days as well. Usually a bit later at night. So that’s a thought. All that said, we usually take a 15 minute break about half way through, and thats when I let people come in who are late

Lich King > N’zoth

Just sayin’…

Looking for more hapless souls willing to give themselves to the tentacles of N’zoth.

Pst for pics of the shadow and the void.

Don’t waste your time…these guys haven’t raided in years…nor can they even run a basic dungeon…if you like wiping on Hogger….then this is the guild for you! Folks join then bail within a day…so if you love beating your head against a wall…then join these guys…well one guy…the GL…plays 20 characters so it looks like there are peeps that actually play…