Characters not found

Returning player, last played several years ago. However, my high level characters are all gone, at least on the only servers that show I have characters!

Those US servers are:

Thorium Brotherhood
Kirin Tor
Shadow Council

None of my mains I used to raid with are on any of those servers, and I honestly cannot remember what server(s) I might have played on last but it’s not those. Any help would be greatly appreciated…I’d love to get back into WoW but I really don’t want to lose all my highest characters, bank items and money!


My first thought is that your account got hacked and plundered. My second thought would be to see if the “Restore deleted character” button (just right of the “Create New Character” button lists any of your old characters. My third thought would be to submit a ticket but, if you can’t remember what servers you were on, that may be a dead end. That’s as far as my thinking takes me. Good luck.

P.S. Whatever you may have played and leveled up to, be advised that, when they released Shadowlands, they squished character levels so your level 120s became level 50s.

If you haven’t played in a while, the server list may not be up to date with your characters. You actually need to log into a server to see if you have characters. There used to be a trick where you could start a server transfer (don’t complete it!) to see which servers you have characters on. (As it will list all your characters.) You can see if that still works.

Thankis for the replies! I have 2fa on my account so I doubt it got hacked.

I should have noted I tried everything else above before posting my original, except opening a ticket. I read another post with the same issue and a blue replied with servers that had characters on them other than the ones the OP already knew about.

I tried most of the RP servers and even found 2 old lvl 1 chars so I know my mains are likely still around, just too many “normal” servers to go through 1x1 to see where my other characters are. Hoping I can get a similar list as the other OP did, from support.