Characters missing

I play on Bloodscalp and today we had a server merge with Quel’dorei and Sen’jin. To keep it short I have two 120 characters and they are no longer shown in my WoW armory, rather it’s a 404 error now for either one. This has led my raider io score to be completely reset, which is my main concern here. Is anyone facing a similar issue? And is there something I could perhaps do to resolve this?

-Edit: hours later it seems the issue has resolved itself. Everything is back to being up to date and normal for me.

There is no info still, It was supposed to be over at 3PM PST. I still do not see the server on my List and all my characters are gone from my profile. (Blackrock)

I have the same issues with retail characters missing.
I also ran into a bug today which had 46 characters on my old server (Blackrock), despite only one being left on there.

I have characters on Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt and all my characters on all servers don’t show on the main site. 30 minutes ago, even my current character wasn’t showing for the forums and it wouldn’t let me post to the forums.