Characters missing

Hello. I’ve lost many high level characters after resubbing and getting up to speed expansion wise.
I’ve tried contacting support a few times with no replies to my issue.
I need a resolution. As of now I’m playing on other servers since my home realm seems to be low population for both sides atm.

If you have multiple tickets open, I’d recommend leaving the oldest one open and closing the rest. You can find your tickets here:

As for your characters, have you actually logged into the realm to see if they’re there? Sometimes the realm selection list doesn’t actually populate properly until you’ve actually selected the server.

Blizz doesn’t delete or move characters when you’re not subbed, so the only other suggestion might be to make sure you’re logging into the right WoW account (if you have more than one) from the launcher or making sure you’re using the right e-mail address/ account.


Thank you. I have logged into those realms and they are not on the character area.
I also do not have any open tickets.
I did however see them on another wow copy attached to this account.

Did you submit a ticket, Dominitria? The only contacts I see appear to be account/Authenticator related back in January. Nothing about looking for characters that I can see.

I can give you a bit of a rundown on where you have/had characters.

On your account WoW license you have characters on:

Blade’s Edge
Cenarion Circle (w/several deleted Death Knights
Cenarius (deleted Death Knight)
Dawnbringer (w/several deleted characters)
Ghostlands (deleted Death Knights)
Khaz Modan
Scarlet Crusade
Shadow Council
Skywall (w/ several deleted characters)

You have a secondary WoW license on this account, also a named license, which seems to have more high level characters primarily on Dawnbringer including 4 level 100 characters.

With several mid-level characters on Ghostlands.


Thank you. I will stay on this account. All of my older characters are too many to spend on a realm change.
So I’m working on rerolling on more populated realms.
Have a good weekend.

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You may not need to reroll some of your characters. They are connecting more realms.


They are on the linked account which I had a merge of my two accounts and support helped me to port over all those high level characters from the secondary account to this one. I have the email from 2009 when in discussion with support and them helping me to merge my accounts.

Keep in mind that “merging” accounts in this case means moving a wow account from one to another.

It does not take two wow accounts and all the associated characters and merge them into a single WoW account.

So if they were on your other wow account, you would need to log into that one to play them.

I hope that makes sense!


Yes. Multiple times since reactivating this game license.

It kinda sounds like you started multiple tickets, but didn’t actually complete the ticket process. I would double check when you make a ticket, that you scroll through the entire page, and make sure you hit the submit button. Afterwards, check out your Active Tickets page to verify that they have been submitted.