Character wipes?

I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else- anyone know if our characters will be wiped after the stress test/into official launch?

Not the end of the world I didn’t get to far- just happy to have a name I like and make some progress and hoping to continue.


They will be wiped.

No characters will be permanent until August 13th’s character creation, otherwise what would be the point?

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Yeah they will be, use your brain

There something about reserving 3 names.

Characters were wiped from Stress Test 1 (or 1.5 if you please) for ST2 so I assume ST2 characters will be wiped for ST3 as well.

They will definitely wipe all character for Classic launch. At least I hope they will. I spent all my silver on a cockroach pet just for funsies.

Actually, the recent one was stress test 3. They wiped both of my characters from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3. I imagine they will wipe these too.

Nah, this was Stress Test 2.

Stress Test 1 had an extension, referred to as Stress Test 1.5.

I could swear I participated in two separate earlier stress tests a few weeks apart. I’m pretty sure I did.

Two 24 hour tests, one week apart, yes. But they were both part of Stress Test 1.

The characters weren’t wiped between these, but the level cap was raised from 5 to 10. Characters were wiped for Stress Test 2.