Character transfers must be stopped

First off open more servers and allow the population to move to them. The servers are over crowded. Then shut down character transfers. Selling transfers is blatantly short sighted, it leads to players not wanting to play and you will lose their subscription fee for a one time payment from someone else. There were no character transfers in vanilla and they are ruining the game.

Netherwind was a great server before you allowed all these toxic players to come over. Allowing character transfers to established servers was pure stupidity. It ruins the economy and thus the player’s experience in the game is ruined as well. The fact that the present servers are twice the size of vanilla servers and nothing has been done to adjust for that.

On a side note. The 1.12 itemization ruined the player experience for MC and BWL because they are too easy with the gear available from high end dungeons. Black lotus spawns were not adjusted to the server size so they are impossible to get.


This is as far as I read because you already nuked yourself. We don’t need anymore realms. Most of them probably aren’t even over half full. The handful of crowded realms do NOT represent the rest, and if players would spread out, they’d find that there’s far more than enough room for the population.


There were. Granted it was later in Vanilla, they did indeed exist in Vanilla.

In mid 2006, Blizzard Entertainment began the Paid Character Transfer Service


Sounds like an opinion that isn’t based on any access to data.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not personally like server transfers, and tend to think that Classic would be better if we did not have them. That is my personal opinion though, I do not work for Blizzard, and do not have access to their data nor customer behavior models for predicting such things, etc.

I’d be curious just how many people care about the economy to the extent that economic changes would ruin their gaming experience.

This is a sort of interesting topic, if only in that others have mentioned it. I personally do not have any strong opinions nor insight into it, but I tend to think that markets adjust based on supply and demand. I do not think I would be opposed to dynamic resource spawning, based on server populations, but I also do not think I could come up with a compelling argument in support of such a change.

I would imagine this gives a feeling of displacement to some people. I also imagine that anything that happens does this, simply due to the sheer number of people playing WoW. Some people are going to be negatively effected no matter what happens.

In the post on recreating WoW Classic, they mention that the way they used to store data meant that database data was overwritten.

They simply may not have had a better starting point for WoW Classic, with the guiding principle of recreating as authentic to the original experience as possible. On the bright side, this seems to suggest that going forward, there is no reason we cannot have the same patch release cycle as the original expansions, e.g. Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, etc…

there were issues with how the developers used to handle updates to the database data. Unlike the source code, for which Blizzard had archives for multiple branches of the game that could be worked on and developed as separate pieces, early database data was overwritten with each commensurate update. Thankfully, that problem was fixed very quickly after launch, and when we looked, we found data going back to version 1.12

Yet they exist, and are available on (what appears to me at least, to be) most servers.

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Why would they do this when there are perfectly good servers that are at least half empty?


I agree to some extent. I don’t think character transfers should be stopped. Paid transfers are fine. We have a nice, small server community. However, as time goes on people do quit or trickle out slowly. Paid transfers have kept the population from dwindling, while the $25 barrier to entry has made sure that only the kind of people that fit in and like our server enough to invest in it come. Many of my guildmates and friends are paid transfers who have come to escape toxicity elsewhere. They shouldn’t be stopped.

However, I do feel terrible for the smaller servers that Blizzard has opened the floodgates of the megasevers onto. That should not have happened.

Couldn’t agree more.

did you even read Blizzard post?

there are MORE than enough servers for the WHOLE classic population
people just want to get into SPECIFIC servers wich causes the illusion of needing more servers

there are medium and low servers all over the place , that is proof of that

You’re not getting “fresh” servers that will die once the pandemic gets over.

Layers can be turned off, servers require Blizz to pay for hosting as long as Classic is alive.

I completely agree! If you want to play on a specific server then you should log over… create a level 1 and then start leveling!! If you ‘want to go where your friends are’ then… YOUR FRIENDS WILL HELP YOU LEVEL!

Granted wow is a HUGE time commitment to get 1-60 GOOD!! you will not be a flippant jerk and destroy your server by ganking ‘because you can’ and stealing items from a raid… or generally treat everyone badly so that you are on 90% of people’s ignore lists. That makes for a healthy game experience anyway haha!

great comment. I hope your thread gets lots of attention

Vorena, if you hadn’t seen what happened. Blizzard (in attempts to reduce populations on big servers) opened FREE transfers to smaller servers. The Toxic players from overpopulated servers crashed into a carefully selected server that I had picked out and PAID to transfer to. Look up demographics for Earthfury. I actually did a video on this. A healthy and peaceful gaming experience turned into a chaotic faction imbalance! The 65% alliance heavy server DOUBLED in size in 3 weeks and became a 65% HORDE heavy server!!.. am I going to get my money back? I chose this place to level from 1 my alts so I won’t get ganked all the way to 60. I paid to go to a small server to get away from toxic jerk raiders and Blizzard’s ‘Solution’ destroyed the mood and culture of the native players on that server. THIS is why New servers (WITH NO TRANSFERS) is needed. Things need to grow organically

Blizzard is not going to open more servers. There is plenty of room on other servers seen this type of thing go down on FF14. Those asking for more servers you lost this fight before it even began.

Is this the point of this post?

Are there more points being made?

Can we separate each point into its own post, to focus on that point?

I think you miss the point. It’s not an issue of ‘is there room already for you some place’ the question is ‘What seat did you want to sit in on the Airplane?’ because at THIS point there is basically only stinky ugly loud snoring neighbors for the seats remaining. 6 months ago everything was even. Everyone had a chance to get to the top farm devilsaur, farm black lotus, recruit raid spots, gear up and be top guild… and now all that is left is scraps. Someone took your place in line and now you have to go to the back of the line. My point is the only way to be truly ‘fair’ at this point is to give people a FRESH server if they so choose. Nobody is forcing players who have 120 days /played to reroll on a new server but ruining players game play experience (like they did on Earthfury complete server imbalance now) certainly sets a president to let people KNOW before they level what to expect.

Blizzard is not going to do it cause being fair is not what they look at when deciding if more servers should be brought up. They look at populations and the server Populations say no more servers are needed currently.

keep in mind. Some people RAN AWAY from popular servers while others RAN TOWARDs them. My guild chose a large server, I went with them. It was a tough choice but I had some good times. Some players like low populations for low stress game play. some like heavy competition and to be the best. So just because ‘there is room’ to hold the character data doesn’t mean all servers should have exactly the same demographics.

All things considered. the BEST option is to launch a few Fresh Classic servers and set the ground rules before the players start lvl 1’s

Now is the perfect time to do that actually. The players heavily invested in continuing to clear content will stay on their big servers and the fresh servers will leach players from all over to experience a ‘fresh launch’ this should not be done very often. but such is the cycle of Vanilla wow… at least for the past decade +

Well sometimes if you got friends that started on different realms and didn’t know. Then found out they play classic but already have good progression to where starting a new character all over again just sucks. Character transfers then help greatly


server caps were 3k back the day. now its about 10k.

#no changes

blizzard admited to jacking up total population caps shortly after classics launch because they were so fearful it was just a nostalgia fad and people would quit after 1-2months they wanted to ensure players could still form a raid with whatever few players remained.

this was to avoid maintaining 150 servers with 100people each on them and then having to merge them together.

The issue is that there are enough servers for the total population. The total population faction balance is near 50/50. Players are ultimately in the wrong spots, and that’s what server xfers are meant to fix.

Blizzard will also lose subscriptions from those who CAN’T transfer to their desired server. In my opinion they should just increase the price of the Paid Character Transfer to those currently locked servers.