Character stuck dead and can't release

Was doing an older raid for mog and mounts and I ended up stuck in combat and when the last boss yeeted me off the edge my character became stuck dead unable to release spirit. I’ve tried the unstuck automated services, disabled all addons, relogged my game, completely closed the game nothing is working. Tried the script repop me command still nothing. Asked a buddy with brez to come but it says encounter in progress so he can’t enter the raid help me out. Not sure why the boss is stuck engaged when im dead and no one else is in the raid.

This has been a constant issue where my character gets stuck in combat after killing stuff and I have to relog to fix it.

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Having the same issue. Also tried logging out and exiting the game completely, which the unstuck service also does. Trying to open a ticket for it is a horrendous experience, ended up opening a missing title/achievement ticket (average wait 3.5 days) since the character problem options are limited or loop you through the knowledge base.

How long did you have to wait for the relog to fix it?