Character Quantity or Quality?

Hey everyone! With shadow lands coming out really soon I am wondering if it is better to go for quantity of alts rather than quality? Should I get as many as I can to level 120 and not worry about item level, or should I target a select few and get their item level up?

this is WoW classic general discussion, why not post in the retail forum?

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Why not both? :grin:

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Seriously though - the levelling is going to be truncated in Shadowlands, so maybe wait and level alts then.

They’ll withhold quality of life changes to last patch like they have done with every expansion, as well as classic.

So it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish in the expansion. For most players it doesn’t matter. If you are trying to push for something you’ll probably be forced to grind something to keep up to date to others.

Uhh, Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


Ugh nope, there are still some mobs after level scaleing that are broken, escort horde quest to protect druid bear in Furbolg cave is near impossible cause thick fur buff they have will one shot you!