Character Profile Image Bugged

It seems the recent update to the website forums has caused my character image to have a orange/red glow, i’m not 100% sure if it’s just my transmog causing this or not.


You’re not alone. Maybe we should start a support group.


I’m orange!

I just discovered the issue on my lightforged paladin. I would post a screenshot if there was the option to do so. The results are still the same, however.

it seems to mostly be happening with nightborne/lightbrite characters.

So at this moment i’m the only Zandalari Troll with the bug.

Whoa, so this is where us red ppl are at.

tfw u really become 1 with the horde lol.


Nope, I’ve got it too. My nightborne rogue is the same.

It’s been over a week now, Blizzard. :unamused:

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Seems to be the allied races effected from what I can see.

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Forum won’t let me post with my hunter, but she is a nightborne also afflicted with this
lovely shade of red…

Yep, weeks later and this is -still- a problem for me as well. Two of my lightforged Draenei are stuck with the red ghost skin bug.

Makes me not really want to play them cause I love using the armory but I can’t even see them properly on here :frowning:

You filthy red people dont belong here

Issue reported in January.

It’s now March.

I want to “work” at Blizzard. I would love to just get around to working on Jira issues whenever I felt like it (if at all).