Character falling and stuck - WOW51900319

Hi - My character is stuck with a WOW51900319 error.

Have been exploring in Bastion / Aggramar-Fizzcrank server. Wound up off the edge at a waterfall with no way out. Attempted to jump, thinking that the “rescue angel” would then retrieve me and place me back on solid ground. Sadly, that does not happen. Instead my character falls down the waterfall and then I get disconnected from the server with the error message WOW51900319. I have logged completely out / restarted my computer and have logged back in but keep getting this same message…over a dozen times now.

Game was working fine before, so I am assuming that I’ve triggered some sort of “bug” or have “fallen” off the map. The game doesn’t let me stay in long enough to file a regular “bug” ticket. I’ve put a lot of time into this toon and really do not want to lose him to this problem.