Character breaking bug. Need dev help

In WOTLK on the horde eranikus server, my priest is experiencing a character breaking bug. My character is bugged where the entire city of orgrimmar is gone. No vendors, no auction house, no bankers. This is preventing my character from upgrading gear, given you can only upgrade to furious PvP set in org. I can get on another toon and everything is there so this bug is only on 1 character.

I have tried several ways to contact a real person with no success. The help center just takes me to more and more posts that do not relate to this problem. How do I get help here?? Will take any suggestion.


You could be phased. I forget the extent of the phasing they had back in LK.

What quests do you have in your log?

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Were you started on the Battle of the Wrath Gate chain? When you get into the Battle of Undercity part of the campaign, both Undercity and the respective capitals for both sides are heavily phased.

Here’s a developer blue post about the situation, including a fix they hotfixed in (but you have to talk to an NPC to activate it).

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