Character Boosts

I’ve been playing for a while, by no means a hardcore serious player. I have my one character that i have been playing for a while and cant decide what to try next. I really like my priest but its really time to branch out, since i have him holy specked for running dungeons and what few raids i can. My problem is he isn’t super great for running around exploring or actually killing anything. I have tried a few of the dps classes (hunter, warrior, monk, death-knight, mage, etc) but nothing is really clicking right. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks

Im just coming back to the game a bit myself. If you have not tried Druid or Paladin I would say give those a try. Right now Druid is a great fit and it gives you healing, ranged dps, melee dps and tank!

Make another priest, but like a shadow one.