Char xfer between BNet accts, Azerothian Diplomat not registering

I recently transferred a character from an old BNet account to this one (Eastloch on the old account, now named Eastloc after the transfer). The character is exalted with all of the reps required for the achievement Azerothian Diplomat, but the achievement does not show as completed after the transfer. Since this is happening, I don’t have credit towards Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part one, and as a result, Part Two. I do, however, have the passives for BFA Pathfinder 1+2 on the character itself. I’m able to fly in BFA on this character, but no others.

I’m hoping to have this looked at if possible, so that I can fly in BFA on each of my characters - thank you.


From the Support article on account transferred characters:

  • Items in the Collections tab are account-bound, and will not transfer to a different Blizzard account. Pets or mounts associated with a character-specific achievement will transfer, but only for the character that unlocked the achievement.
  • Character-specific achievements will transfer to the new account, but most other achievements won’t.
  • PvP Arena ratings may change after transferring to a new realm. This can affect end-of-season rewards if you transfer before they are sent.
  • Your Honor level will not transfer with your character.

Azerothian Diplomat is account wide and not character specific.

Yes the achievement is account wide, but the reputations on the character that was transferred are are exalted. So your point would make sense if I had exalted on a different character, and then transferred this one - but that is not the case. I should receive credit for the achievement.

My point is not about whether you deserve the achievement, it is whether it is going to get checked for. They check when you transfer but only the account wide ones get checked. They check when you ding the criteria but you already did that on the other account.

Computers can’t sit there checking to see if we completed every achievement every second or they’d never get anything done. So they only check when you do something that might have earned one.

It is conceivable that the achieve might award if that character advances one of those reps even further - ironically this might be a case where you are disadvantaged by being exalted already - but you could try getting a paragon chest with one of the relevant reps and see if that triggers a change.

Otherwise your only option is to ticket and plead your case to a GM. I wouldn’t be too confident that a human will think you deserve two unlocks for doing the work one time, but you never know.

Right - that’s why I’m submitting a post on the bug report form, so it can be looked at manually. I opened a ticket previously and was told to post here. I’ll have a go at the paragon chest suggestion, thanks for that.

Earning a paragon chest did not work unfortunately.

However, this character (Eastloc) is revered with the Rustbolt Resistance, but the rep was grayed out on Pathfinder Pt. 2. I completed one quest (a hand-in) and it went green. So perhaps if you have this same issue, and you have only revered instead of exalted on all the reps, completing a quest will turn the rep green.

Update 2:
This was fixed when 8.3 launched. I logged on and the achievements were granted. Thanks, Blizzard.

Just fixed itself? I have the same issue but when I logged in, it’s not fixing.

I am also having this issue. I transferred this character between bnet accounts. The character has Exalted in all of the relevant reputations, but does not have the achievement. When I submitted a ticket, the response was to redo the achievement criteria, but that is obviously not possible.

I tried earning rep (and collecting a paragon chest) but that did not seem to work, as all of the reputations are still unchecked.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

No fix until now. They offered me solutions like.

  1. Refund the transfer and get back to the old account.
  2. Make an alt and get exalted on every little thing you did, just do it again.
  3. Post on bug forums (Which I did this one) and hope for a fix.

PS. I did paragon chests too, doesn’t work.